Linda Kasonde wins IE award

LAW Association of Zambia president Linda Kasonde has beaten 15 other contestants to the prestigious IE University’s Extraordinary People Inspiring the IE Community.

Kasonde was among the outstanding men and women who won one of the five available categories for adjudication.


She won the Epic Award for women inspiring women category.
This is during the second edition of extraordinary People Inspiring the IE Community Awards.



“I won the IE University Epic Award for women inspiring women. Michos gracias to all who nominated me and voted for me!” Kasonde tweeted.



And in her acceptance speech for the award, Kasonde dedicated her achievement to the strong defence of the rule of law, good governance and constitutionalism LAZ had taken during the current environment in the country where good governance was fast getting eroded.



It takes the rule of law, constitutionalism, good governance and justice in Zambia and you can imagine that means friction with the government,

said Kasonde as she received her award.
She said leading LAZ had taught her enormous lessons in managing a high profile institution which was in constant friction with the government for its pursuit of good governance and justice.
We claimed to fame having sued every minister and deputy minister in their personal capacities. Of course there was a suing backlash and that’s where my lessons of managing an organization in times of crisis and at the LNP came in very handy. Oprah Winfrey likes to say ‘when you are doing your best people will notice’…thank you so much for noticing,”

said Kasonde amidst applause.



In December last year, the influential Africa Report magazine named Kasonde as one of the people to look out for in 2017.



The publication said Kasonde, at 38 years of age, had emerged as a strong defender of human rights and freedom of expression in Zambia.
Kasonde’s strong stance on constitutionalism in the country as LAZ president has seen her branded as an enemy of the ruling PF, whose leader President Edgar Lungu has told the association to form a political party and take him on.

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