Lungu kicks out Kambwili, Musenge from PF

THE Patriotic Front has expelled central committee members Chishimba Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge today following their extraordinary meeting which President Edgar Lungu chaired.



Kambwili has confirmed his expulsion which he has called illegal but says he now feels “very free”.



The former information minister who was fired from government last November by President Lungu has consistently criticized the ruling party since his dismissal, attracting summoning from the disciplinary committee which used a case reported by Luanshya mayor Nathan Chanda who accused the latter of calling him a wizard.



The case was however dismissed while both Kambwili and Chanda were reprimanded not to drag the party into personal issues despite the disciplinary committee being tasked by President Lungu to ensure that they find the Roan PF member of parliament wanting on the charges brought against him.



For Musenge, the party leadership has been unsettled by his constant criticism of the actions taken by government, among them the closure of The Post and arrest of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema whom he even visited at Lusaka Central Prison before he was transferred to Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison.
He was summoned twice for giving interviews to The Mast in which he criticized the party’s leadership.
Other PF functionaries called for his expulsion for visiting Hichilema.
Despite his appearance before the disciplinary committee, Musenge vowed to continue speaking against the wrongs going on in the PF.
When phoned, Kambwili said:

I am in very high spirit. Walishiba ukukakuka? Ngawali muminyololo elo bakukakula, efyo ndeufwa lelo (do you know being free? If you were tied with ropes and they untie you, that’s how I am feeling today). I won’t say much but I can confirm that I and honourable Mwenya Musenge have been expelled from the party by a kangaroo court where the central committee became the accuser, the judge and jury against the provisions of our constitution. And when the President was reminded by the members [of the central committee] that what we were doing is illegal, he said he doesn’t care. All he wants is for us to be expelled immediately and if we want go to court; what a lawyer!




He said he would meet President Lungu in the battlefield.

“Ati ndachita campaign ukuba President. Ati I am busy campaigning for 2021 but that was a Kangaroo court. It’s a Kangaroo court but we respect their decision…we shall meet in the field. We shall meet them in the battle front,” Kambwili said. “We shall go to court to challenge this decision by that Kangaroo court.”


He said he was surprised that what was meant to be a reconciliatory meeting ended up expelling him and Musenge.




…there was nothing else spoken, they just say ‘Honourable Kambwili has been campaigning to be president, he must be expelled, because whoever is going to play with Lungu in 2021, tufwile ukubanyanta (we must step on them). So ba President nga twaamba ukuchena abantu (when we start hurting people), don’t set the police on us, all we want is expulsion’. Another person stands, same story; they were planted, about seven, eight of them, and then they say ‘Central Committee will now charge you, verbally you answer back and then we mete out the punishment’, I said ah ah ah, that is unprofessional. That is illegal and I will not stand in a Kangaroo court, that’s when I left. And When I left, they decided to expel me. Already, they had already decided and said it was expulsion and nothing else,

said Kambwili.

Where a minister of home affairs eulelanda ati; tuli nokutampa ukucena abantu (is the one saying we are about to start hurting people), Presidential affairs minister saying tuli nokutampa ukupuma abanthu (we are about to start beating people), provincial chairman for central province, Jean Kapata, provincial chairman for Luapula, saying tukala chena abantu, ba president nga twakoma abantu aikona ukutuma ba police, (we will be hurting people, when we do, Mr President don’t set the police on us)’. What a shame!


Kambwili has since called for a press briefing at his residence in Lusaka’s Woodlands area near State House tomorrow while Musenge’s mobile phone went unanswered.

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