NEVERS Mumba says the PF will pay back very badly for the bad seed they are planting now.


Speaking after visiting incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and five others at Mukobeko Maximum Prison on Friday, Mumba, the MMD president, deplored the conditions under which the opposition leader was being kept.



“I think that the conditions here, I think this government must understand that to incarcerate somebody, even if he has offended, it’s not meant to dehumanise him and for him to learn a lesson by harsh conditions, bad sanitary conditions. We went there, I am former [Republican] vice-president, usually they would let you go inside and sit with him, they couldn’t allow me, I was talking to him through the wire like we are at Robin Island. That exaggeration of the situation is not helping this administration,” Mumba said. “We have requested and asked this government, for the sake of the so-called dialogue that they have been talking about, that take HH to a house and provide the security and let him be under house arrest as a way of creating an atmosphere to resolve this issue. Right now where they’ve put him, where he is using a bucket for his conveniences and all that, it’s not necessary, they are not achieving anything except a bad name for Zambia.”


He said whatever was happening at Mukobeko Prison was known in Washington DC and in London.


Mumba said although incarceration meant that some of a person’s freedoms were curtailed, their sanitary rights should be left intact.

Those should be given to you, you should have proper toilets, you should have proper water, proper air, those are the things that someone should be given. I think that the conditions here are deplorable and also the fact that we could not go there and talk to him in a room, we were waving at him through the wire, touch hands through the glass as though someone is a criminal! He has not been convicted of anything. We think that this is a bad show by this administration and I can assure you as a minister of the gospel that they will pay back; that’s the way God has created the world, they will pay back very badly,

Mumba said.


“The Bible says that you reap what you sow and they are not sowing a good seed, that I can tell you, they are not sowing a good seed and I encourage the President to do what is right, get our brother out. If he still insists, let him be under arrest.”


On reconciliatory efforts being championed by the Catholic Church, Mumba said the President was not in control of what should be discussed.


He said whatever had created the tension must be discussed otherwise there would be no need for any dialogue.


We are where we are because of the last election, let’s agree about that, let’s not act like it’s an isolated act. There is disagreement as to the authenticity of the result of the August 11 election, that is why the opposition took out a petition to the ConCourt. That is why after the ConCourt did what they did, the petitioners went to the High Court to demand that their rights be heard. That issue is unresolved and as long as it is unresolved, we cannot wish it away,

Mumba said.


He also said an independent electoral commission must be another item of discussion in the proposed dialogue.


We also need to discuss the brutality of the police. They have really injured the image of Zambia, instead of building the image. Instead of protecting Zambians, they kill Zambians. The police must be curtailed,

Mumba said.


And in a letter he delivered to Hichilema, Mumba stated that it was now over 100 days since the opposition leader was “maliciously arrested and committed to prison”.


“As a brother and friend, this development has been an anguish I have failed to truly manage or grasp. How can this be? We were so confident that it would be just a few days and you would be out, just as we have been experiencing before, but I was wrong. It is now 100 days and you are still incarcerated,” Mumba stated.



“I have prayed, agonised and asked God as to why He has allowed this to happen at such a time as this. The following is what I believe He placed on my heart as a response. Please read the two chapters: Luke 22 & 23). As you are aware, you were arrested during Easter; a spiritually significant time. For a week, (called passion week), Jesus was dragged from court to court. The law was both compromised and broken in order for the perpetrators to achieve their goal of killing ‘the voice of conscience’ in the person of Jesus Christ. Please draw strength from the fact that no law is ever respected or obeyed when God temporarily gives power to the oppressors.”



He told Hichilema that God allowed His son Jesus to suffer shame because He had a vision which needed to be realised only through the way of the cross; the way of pain, fear and abandonment.


Jesus had to save the world and he could not do it without the injustice, the betrayals and eventually the death on the cross. God’s focus was not necessarily on the pain but the resurrection. He temporarily turned His face away from His own son in order to attain the vision of producing a saviour,

Mumba stated.



“I now wish to highlight three things which Jesus said on the cross: 1. Forgive them Lord…(Luke 23:34). He released and forgave his persecutors and killers.  2. They don’t know what they are doing…(Luke 23:34). He confessed their ignorance. They did not know that through their cruelty they were fulfilling God’s vision for Christ. What they meant for evil, God turned it for good. Scripture says, ‘Had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord.’ 3. Into your hands, I commit my spirit. (Luke 23:46).  He gave himself entirely to God. He surrendered his life to God and concluded that, ‘…not my will but your will be done’.”


He told Hichilema that he was going through his own ‘passion week’ at Mukobeko Prison.


Your persecutors believe they are teaching you a lesson. You may also feel like God has turned His back against you, but the truth is that your resurrection will surpass all your pain in glory. Be focused. Be strong,

Mumba stated.



“Your assignment during this incarceration is in the words of Christ on the cross.  Firstly, to forgive those who have done this to you; to have no hidden anger or desire to avenge. Let God deal with your enemies. He always does a better job. Secondly, realise that they don’t know what they are doing. They are agents of God taking you to your destiny on the platform of their hatred and anger.”


He also urged Hichilema to commit himself to God completely.


Without giving your life to the Lord in totality, you would have suffered in vain. Only God will vindicate you,

stated Mumba.


“Finally, another striking event which took place at the arrest of Jesus is when one of his disciples in anger cut off the ear of the servant of the high priest. Christ rebuked him and put the ear back. It is a human feeling for our supporters to want to cut off ears of the perceived persecutors, but it is our moral responsibility to heal the breach like Jesus did. We eagerly await justice to prevail and your eventual release.”

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