You’re now reaping what you sowed, Msoni tells Kambwili

NASON Msoni has told Chishimba Kambwili that he is reaping what he sowed while in government as he was among those who criticized opposition members speaking against the abuse of state institutions.


Msoni, the All People’s Congress Party leader, said where Kambwili had finally found himself was a place where justice was as scarce as dog’s tears.


Kambwili, the former information minister and PF member of the central committee who was expelled on Saturday alongside former Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge, has said he will challenge his expulsion in the courts.

He said he had been expelled by a Kangaroo court because of the 2021 sole candidacy of President Edgar Lungu. Kambwili has vowed to fight for the party, which he said was now full of “infiltrators”.


But Msoni, on his official Facebook page, stated that there were several innocent and fine citizens confined in prisons due to gross institutional failure and political manipulation of the Judiciary.


Don’t put your faith in our Judiciary to fight your expulsions. Otherwise your challenge will come to nothing as it is tantamount to staging a political contest in the backyard of your immediate past former Principal. Ultimately this is the price we all pay when institutions of state are being eroded and cowed into submission with impunity. Don’t just remember the existence of state institutions when you fallout with the system. The plain truth is that you will be disappointed. You may wish to know Sir here where you have finally come, justice is as scarce as dog’s tears,

Msoni stated.


“As I write to counsel you, there are several innocent and fine citizens confined in prisons due to gross institutional failure and political manipulation of the Judiciary.”


He stated that while with the commoners or opposition, one should expect nothing more than what everybody experiences.


Msoni stated that getting justice whilst among ordinary citizens and the opposition was laughable as injustice was “rehearsed at night and dispensed the next working day”.


When the opposition fought to keep state institutions, sane and functional you at the peak and helm of government called us mad men. We do hope you will find the common decency of men to apologise to the opposition leaders for referring to them as mad men. From our standpoint, we think you have no leg to stand on and put up a good fight as you tolerated and encouraged the brutal assault and the ultimate hijacking of state institutions by the criminal elements,

Msoni stated.

“Whilst we sympathise with your situation, in all fairness, you are only reaping what you sowed. All the same comrade best wishes.”

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