Bwalya a bootlicker – Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili says PF deputy spokesperson Fr Frank Bwalya is a bootlicker.


During Radio Phoenix’s Let the People Talk programme on Tuesday, Bwalya said Kambwili was a liar who was only good at producing lies as big as he was.


Kambwili is a big liar! Maybe one thing he is good at is producing lies as big as himself. He is insisting that he wants to continue being part of PF [but] no one is believing that Kambwili will not leave the Patriotic Front. What he is actually trying to say is that he will try to damage the Patriotic Front before he actually walks away, but he will not succeed,

Bwalya said.

He said Kambwili had no respect and loyalty to PF leader Edgar Lungu.

“Above all, that man (Kambwili) clearly lacks discernment. That’s why we describe him as a cancer [and] he has been amputated; very soon, alabola (he will rot) because that’s what happens to every part of the body that is cut off. It’s like what Jesus said; you are only alive when you are part of me but when you are cut off you become a dry branch and those dry branches are good for nothing.  He is going to talk like this, he will yap and yap but we know that very soon it will be flat battery,” said Bwalya.

But Kambwili has told the Voice of America that the PF spokesperson was a very inconsistent person.


The man does not work, he has no business, he is looked after by the Head of State. The Head of State pays his rent, gives him money to buy food and he has bought him a car, so you understand that such a person has no independent mind,

Kambwili claimed.

So if the Head of State tells him to turn to the left, he will turn to the left, he is not the right person to speak on such matters because I can describe him as a bootlicker.



Asked when he will take his expulsion matter to court, Kambwili said he had already taken a notice to court and served a letter on the National Assembly.
He said his lawyers were working on the court documents, which he expected to have filed today.

Kambwili, along with another PF central committee member Mwenya Musenge, were expelled from the ruling party on Saturday during a meeting chaired by President Edgar Lungu on charges of carrying out activities inimical to the party’s well-being.


While Kambwili has chosen to contest the expulsion in court, Musenge has chosen to accept it and move on, saying he is pondering his next move claiming that several people within the PF had advised him to form his own party.

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