Uhuru recognises Kenyans of Asian origin as 44th tribe

KENYAN President Uhuru Kenyatta has recognized, proclaimed and ordered that Kenyans of Asian heritage constitute a community that is one of the tribes of Kenya.


According to Gazette Notice number 7245 published on July 21, 2017, President Kenyatta ordered that from now henceforth, the community of Kenyans of Asian heritage are Kenya’s 44th tribe.


“That all Persons, Bodies and Authorities within the Republic of Kenya shall recognise the Community of Kenyans of Asian Heritage as being Kenya’s 44th Tribe,” President Kenyatta ordered.


He stated that the Presidency and other government offices had received numerous petitions from Kenyans of Asian heritage requesting formal recognition as a Kenyan tribe.


President Uhuru noted that the preamble of the Kenyan Constitution enshrined the duty of government to promote and protect the diverse cultural heritage of Kenya.


He also noted that Kenyans of Asian heritage had been an integral part “of our National fabric since the dawn of our Nation”.
President Kenyatta stated that he made the recognition and order having considered the petitions in the light of the Kenyan Constitution, their national values and principles of governance.

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