Chimwemwe PF secretary resigns

CHIMWEMWE PF information and publicity secretary Steven Chewe has resigned from the ruling party.




This comes barely three days after Kitwe district PF youth secretary Charles Kabwita resigned from the PF following the expulsion of former Chimwemwe PF member of parliament Mwenya Musenge and Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili.


However, Chewe says the vision of PF founder leader Michael Sata will not die out.




Today, I have taken this step to resign from the MMD-PF party. This is not the party that we founded. It is a shame that today the people that insulted, mocked Michael Sata are the ones benefiting from his efforts. I can’t belong to this anymore. But the vision of Michael Sata will live on,

Chewe said.

You can’t have an organisation that is run by outsiders. We will stand to defend the party. Today, the MMD has taken over the party. Look even a councillor that was adopted on PF in Buntungwa ward here in Chimwemwe Constituency! That guy, William Nyirenda, was MMD. These are the guys that insulted and beat us but today they are in PF.



He said the PF grassroots members were frustrated with the manner the party was being run.
Chewe said the PF leadership should prepare itself for more resignations from members who believe in the vision of Michael Sata.



Since we are not factors as they claim about anyone who resigns, we want to tell them to wait and see what will happen on the Copperbelt. It’s a matter of time,

warned Chewe.

For now, it is this state of emergency that will stop us. But after this, let them wait and see. We will fight on and on to save the PF from the MMD.

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