DMMU gives dignity kits to 52 expectant mothers in Kapoche

ABOUT 52 pregnant women from Kapoche ward have received dignity kits from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit.


Speaking on behalf of the women at Nyamtuma Clinic on Friday, headwoman Cindilo Monica Miti said pregnant women needed total attention and help. She said expectant mothers in rural areas faced a lot of challenges that needed to be addressed.


On behalf of my fellow women, I would like to thank the office of the Vice-President over this gesture; it will go a long way. It’s good that as a female, the Vice-President understands and identifies with the challenges we face when we are expecting,

Miti said.


She appealed to the government to complete construction of Nyamtuma Clinic to lessen the burden of women moving longer distances to access health facilities.


Bwana DC (district commissioner) and council chairperson, this structure you see was constructed a long time ago but up to now it has not been opened because there are no toilets. Because of this, we are made to walk long distances to Nyanje hospital, Mngona and Katema clinics. It’s so hectic indeed, we appeal to the government through you to complete this structure,

Miti requested.


She further urged the government officials present to tell Kapoche PF member of parliament Charles Banda that people wanted to see him to express the challenges they were facing.


Meanwhile, council chairperson Michael Phiri urged women to take care of their kits.


Phiri also told the residents that through Constituency Development Funds, the clinic had been allocated K80,000 while Nyamtuma Primary School had been allocated K65,000.

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