Police arrest Saviour Chishimba

POLICE in Lusaka have arrested UPP leader Saviour Chishimba.  


The reasons for Chishimba’s arrest are yet to be established.


UPP spokesperson Kizito Mukaka in a brief statement stated that Chishimba was picked from Diamond TV where he was featuring on a programme and has been taken to Police Force headquarters.    



Sources had recently disclosed that police had planned to arrest the controversial opposition leader for alleged defamation of President Edgar Lungu following his recent briefing where he criticized the Head of State for asking Zambians to forgive him if he turned into a dictator for once.  



Upon return from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on July 4, President Lungu, in his reaction to the burning of Lusaka City Market, threatened that he would become a dictator for once and that some human rights would be taken away from people as he tries to come up with security measures to contain “acts of terrorism”.



But Chishimba said Zambia did not belong to President Lungu’s father for him to say that Zambians should bear with him for becoming a dictator.


The mention of dictatorship by the President who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces is worrisome because it is exactly what the international community and interest groups have been saying. They are saying he is a dictator, and he has been refusing. But he said it himself that ‘now you are going to bear with, I am going to become a dictator’, kwati libala lya kwa wishi; ‘I’m going to become a dictator’. Calo ca kwa wiso (is this your father’s country), I mean is this country your country…this country belongs to many Zambians, it does not belong to you alone. Each and every Zambian is an equal shareholder in this enterprise you call Zambia. You don’t just stand and speak. Then after that you, ‘I’m going to become a dictator, you bear with me’. Bear with you over what?

asked Chishimba.

How can you ask people to bear with your foolishness, it’s utter foolishness. You can’t think like that; you are the President. You need to deal with facts, don’t speculate like those who are on the streets; it’s unacceptable.



He further said people’s freedoms had been taken away by President Lungu on the pretext of a threatened public emergency.



“Public emergency! Emergency yakwani? Emergency ya kwawiso, ya kwanoko (whose emergency? For your father, your mother)? Because people must see the emergency, not just you. Meanwhile you were saying no, these Catholic bishops are imagining in their heads, tension is in their heads. No, tension is in your head. Time has come to start examining these men; to go to that psychiatric hospital (Chainama Hospital) to be examined because no one in the right frame of mind can do such a thing (declaring threatened state of emergency),” said Chishimba during the briefing early last month.



Following the circulation of Chishimba’s video recording on social media, Southern Province police commissioner Bonny Kapeso confirmed in a PF Development Forum on WhatsApp that Chishimba’s statement bordered on defamation of the President.


“This man will be arrested even for defamation of [the] President. [I] am forwarding this to IG just now,” Kapeso stated.



After a series of comments, Kapeso posted to report that he had given the Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja the video.



“I have sent this video to the IG. So the matter is in competent hands. Stay blessed distinguished ladies and gentlemen,” stated Kapeso.



Police sources  disclosed that officers had been tasked to handle the matter.



“With what’s going on now (threatened state of public emergency), things will be tough kaili we have been given enough teeth to bite. So ba Chishimba will picked for that statement he made. The most likely one as ba Kapeso said is defamation of the President pantu balilanda sana (he said a lot) about the President,” revealed the source.  



Details of Chishimba’s arrest coming…

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