Struggle for a better Zambia must continue – Mwaliteta

(By Chimweta Luyando and Mwape Mbwelela in Kafue)

OBVIOUS Mwaliteta says the struggle for a better Zambia must continue. And Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili has cautioned some officials in the PF government to stop stealing public resources.


And Kambwili says even if his businesses have been “fixed” by President Edgar Lungu’s government, he will again do business in future.


Speaking when Kambwili and former Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge, who were on their way from Monze, made a stop-over at his residence in Kafue last night, Mwaliteta, who was acquitted on Tuesday after being in prison for a year, charged with aggravated robbery, observed that Zambia’s governance record had gone wrong.



The governance has gone wrong in this country. Imagine [where] you spend US$31.7 million dollars kuya mukushita ndeke ku Russia (to go and buy planes from Russia) when NCZ (Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia) here needs a lot of money to revamp it so that we can promote agriculture! South Africa today is looking for US$1 billion dollars to bail out the South African Airways! What about us; what are we going to do with those planes?

Mwaliteta, a former Kafue PF member of parliament, wondered.



He noted that Zambians had to be devoted enough to salvage the country from those who only wanted to broaden their chances of self-enrichment.


So, I think we need to start thinking…. And gentlemen, Honourable Kambwili and Honourable Musenge, this is our country. We don’t have any other country and if we are going to leave this country to few individuals because they are able to take us to Chimbokaila (Lusaka Central Prison), they are able to squeeze us, I mean, there is life after death! No matter how many years you live, you’ll still die and so, if it means you have to die in Chimbokaila, let it be!


explained Mwaliteta.



“The struggle continues and it’s good that we have seen this early enough. But the damage to our country is just too much! Here I am; I’m from Chimbokaila and I came back home; I didn’t go to South Africa because my home is Zambia and I will continue with the struggle with you gentlemen so that we can liberate this country because there is something wrong and we should not pretend. If the Church can see [the rot], they have stopped pretending, what about us politicians who know the game? We have to up our game and stop certain individuals who are trying to destroy our country because we only have one country. I’m very humbled, big brothers that you have come to see me.”


And Kambwili, who is expelled from the ruling party, stressed that Zambia had “now reached alarming levels.”


But it is typical of a President who is scared and a President who has no direction because if you have a direction, you don’t fear opponents. I have never feared any political opponent in my life [and] if I ever feared any political opponent, PF could have not grown – because we started PF the five of us. When you know that you are a failure, you start eliminating those you perceive to be threats and this is typical of people that have no backbone in politics. We know the history of certain people and where they come from; they’ve never been politicians! It is just that God, in His own way…like I keep on saying, leadership comes from God and at an opportune time, you’ll be standing at an appropriate position and the bus will pick you up,

Kambwili said.



“There was euphoria for our big brother, President Edgar Lungu and we all supported him. [But] little did we know that we were supporting a wrong man, a man who harbours resentment. When we gave him the first one year [into the presidency], we thought he was a brother [because] he pretended to everybody. But after giving him the five years mandate, he says all of you are idiots, you are foolish – I’m the Alpha and Omega. And you know, the way he (President Lungu) is thinking as if he will stay in State House for the rest of his life! But some of us want to tell you that the maximum a President can stay in State House is 10 years.”



The former information minister and chief government spokesperson also revealed that his businesses had been fixed by government agents.



My businesses have been fixed but as long as I don’t die while he is in office, I will come and do business in future. So, I wouldn’t mind! I want to tell [Freedom] Sikazwe, the presidential minister, who warned me that ‘we’ll squeeze your businesses’ that keep on squeezing them; you’ll not be at State House [forever]. There have been many presidential affairs ministers and you are not the first one, Sikazwe. So, do what you are doing but I’m telling you that iwe ukenda na tropical (flip-flops) but some of us will never move with tropicals! Ukabwelela kulya kufima truck fyobe fima Mitsubishi ifisasa walesunka lyonse (you’ll go back to your wrecked Mitsubishi trucks that you were always pushing to start). That’s how life is! I feel sorry for you, Sikazwe,

Kambwili explained.



“Keeping an innocent man (Mwaliteta) for one year in prison; umuntu alikwata abana (somebody has children), he has to pay school fees, he has to pay the bills [but] mwaya mwikata mwamubika muchifungo ukwabula umulandu (you go to arrest and imprison him without even an offence)! Lesa nimalyotola (God is punishes the wicked!) Ine nalimweba; mulepekanya nefifungo pantu ekomukaya (I have told you to show concern at the state of prisons because you are destined there).”


Kambwili encouraged a good-humoured Mwaliteta not to worry about ‘re-establishing’ his life.


My brother, don’t worry [because] what is important is that you have not died and your ideas of how you do your own business have not been killed. So, you’ll start afresh and you’ll catch up,

he noted.


Meanwhile, Kambwili wondered where some government officials were getting the money from to own lavish property almost everywhere.



“Some of them are just thieves and they can only steal from government. They have never done business [but] today they have money and property all over Lusaka – stolen things! Tapali eko fikamitwala ifyakwiba (you’ll not go anywhere with stolen property). Mukesa kakwapofye, elo muleke nokwiba (You’ll be jailed for it, so stop stealing)! Epo wapita fikulwa fyenu (wherever someone passes, all they see are your buildings), epo wapita mulekula (wherever someone passes, all they see are your buildings under construction), epo wapita ebashita ichi (wherever someone passes, the structures they see have been bought by you); mwafumya kwisa impiya (where have you gotten the money from) in one year ishomushakwete (which money you didn’t have) because ifwe lilya twalepanga impiya imwe mwalenwa Chibuku (when we were working hard to make money, you were only drinking opaque beer?) But lelo namukwata ulupiya ukutuchila (today you have more money than us)…” he said.



“Ngabalefwaya (if they want to use) Article 31, come and arrest me but all we want is fairness in this country where everybody is treated like a Zambian. You are not more Zambian than others; ba police abo mukwete abalemilonda bakafumapo when time comes (those police officers who are guarding you will leave). Ba Rupiah Banda balendapo na convoy (is former Republican President Rupiah Banda still driven in a presidential convoy?) Ba Kaunda balendapo na convoy (is Dr Kenneth Kaunda driven in a presidential convoy?) Ama convoy yalapwa (presidential convoys end).”



Kambwili further reminded those in the PF government to stop engaging in double standards.



You cannot go to Church and give K700,000 ubupe (offering) when you are quarrelling with your own brother…. Filya fyonse mulepela mu Church na humbleness Lesa takapokelele pantu apo mulechita treat abantu ububi ababula umulandu (God will not accept what you humbly offer in Church because you are mistreating innocent people). Muleke nakuya ku Church pantu muletumpika Lesa, elo Lesa tatumpikwa (stop even going to Church because you are mocking God; but God cannot be mocked). Namwishiba ebo ndeba (you know who I’m talking about),

said Kambwili.

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