CLEAN UP MESS …time will come when you’ll answer for your deeds, Musenge warns Lungu, PF ministers

MWENYA Musenge has warned corrupt PF ministers, members of parliament and President Edgar Lungu to clean up the mess created by their government because their time of reckoning will soon come.



And Musenge has called for the immediate release of incarcerated UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.



In a social media posting, Musenge who was recently expelled from the PF together with Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili, stated that it was sad and shocking that President Edgar Lungu and the PF had lied to marketeers in the country who were allegedly made to pay K50 for market empowerment loans.



“It’s interesting to hear ministers in the PF led government saying they have to cling to power at all costs or else they will be in prison. Finshi muchita efyo mutina? Truthfully, time will come to pass and you shall answer for your deeds, I worked with you and I know how careless you are.



Therefore, take heed, clean up your mess for the time of reckoning is near. Tamwakwata uluse bakalamba bandi ba Lungu, how do we treat marketers in that manner? Where is the so-called market empowerment?” Musenge asked.



“Marketers were made to pay K50 per application form for the so-called loans. Mind you K50, is a lot of money for a poor marketeer. Over 10,000 marketers paid at Chisokone market in Kitwe, and less than 100 have accessed the loans. Is this not daylight robbery.”



He called for serious audits of the money the PF had collected from marketeers as those were public funds.



“For transparency sake, let those funds be audited and the findings published. Those were public funds and must be accounted for. It’s not only in Kitwe, it’s countrywide. Can’t this be termed a scrum? If it can’t be then what can it be? Worse than polio,” Musenge stated.



Central Province permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe who is the coordinator of the empowerment fund was not readily available for comment.



Meanwhile, Musenge has said Hichilema should be released from prison unconditionally.



Musenge, who last Wednesday accompanied Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili to Monze where the former information minister went to formally apologise to the Southern Province chiefs for his January 2016 remarks against the Tongas, noted that unity was needed to press for Hichilema’s release from prison.



“We would also want to re-assure that our stance and our position is very clear that indeed the incarcerated Hakainde Hichilema needs to be released unconditionally for the sake of multiparty democracy to thrive in our country. We stand firmly on the ground and we shall unite with whoever is ready to stand up to make sure that the president of the UPND is released,” Musenge said.



He also disclosed that the counselling he and Kambwili received from chiefs Moonze, Chikanta, Hamusonde and Chona was enriching.



Musenge further noted that it was obstructive for leaders to denigrate the origin of other people.



“We just want to appreciate the wise counsel that we have received from their royal highnesses and we would want to promise that we shall commit ourselves to the wise counsel that we have received today. I would also want to mention here that indeed we commit ourselves to be brothers and sisters to all those who are Tonga-speaking, not only in Southern Province but across Zambia. In fact, some of us are linked in marriage with the Tonga-speaking people and therefore, we are a family,” said Musenge.



“We want to take it that what came out of this meeting, fellow Zambians are going to take it as an example that it doesn’t pay at all to try and assassinate one another’s origin or character. It is my prayer that a lot has been learnt from this interaction that we need to move away from politics of insults to politics of maturity, politics of integrity, politics that will be able to unite us as a nation, politics that will be able to develop our country.”

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