DPP sharing same plate with Lungu – Mulongoti

PEOPLE’S Party president Mike Mulongoti says Director of Public Prosecutions Lillian Siyuni must hang her head in shame than pursue a useless agenda of asking people to respect President Edgar Lungu.



Siyuni was quoted in the Zambia Daily Mail condemning people abusing human rights by demeaning President Lungu on social media.



She said insulting the Head of State was not only legally wrong but morally bad for Africans, especially Zambians.



We will have issues and can relate differently, but there is no need to insult, especially the President, or any other elderly person,

Siyuni was quoted saying.



But Mulongoti said her comments were not part of her area of competence and only showed that she was sharing the same plate with President Lungu.



“Immediately I saw that statement, what came to mind was that we had a treason case that had been running for quite some time and the DPP was quiet. It took foreigners to come and exert pressure on Mr Lungu and the DPP herself in order to arrive at that nolle [prosequi],” Mulongoti said.


To be respected requires your conduct that deserves respect. To be respected, you are required to show integrity and morality yourself. So if you become President and your conduct is that of a thug, I will tell you, you will have difficulty attracting respect from people. If you become president and your conduct is of a person who shows no morality, it will not be too much for people not to give you respect,

Mulongoti said.


“What message is she sending to us, that she is eating from the same place with the president? That’s what we are beginning to see now; they are sharing the same plate, that is the implication. If she wants respect from the public, she must be seen to pursue the course of justice and not pursue a useless agenda of telling us to respect the president. The president must attract respect himself.”


He said he did not think ordinary people in their normal senses would just stand and start disrespecting their President for no reason.


What we would expect the DPP is to help us understand why she did not act when she realised that her President had made a mistake in getting Mr Hakainde Hichilema arrested. The charges that came were defective and she is supposed to be the overall authority in determining whether one is prosecuted or not,” Mulongoti said. “These issues were raised in the magistrates’ court on a number of occasions. She allowed documents that did not have her signature to go to court and the magistrate was at pains that look ‘I have got documents that have not been signed by the DPP and without even a delegation letter.’ I think she must hang her head in shame instead of advising us to respect the president.




He said the DPP’s competence was in ensuring justice in the prosecution process.




“The defence of the President who has all sorts of individuals hanging around him to defend him, why her in particular? That is why she has attracted the attention of all of us. We have been calling upon her for a long time, first of all we did request that she resigns, she didn’t respond to that. We even wonder where she was all along when innocent Zambians were being persecuted, incarcerated in court, in prison, maximum prison for that matter and she was quiet,” said Mulongoti.

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