Ill-treating others always has a backlash – Nkombo


MISTREATMENT of people always has a strong backlash no matter how long it takes, says Garry Nkombo


Reacting to South Africa’s opposition leaders Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema’s refusal to meet President Edgar Lungu in Pretoria, South African, Nkombo, who is Mazabuka member of parliament, said the DA leader’s deportation from Zambia at the time he arrived to give solidarity to Hakainde Hichilema, who was in detention for alleged treason, was uncalled for.


EFF leader Malema urged President Lungu to uphold democracy in Zambia, adding that he was only ready to meet him on a live TV show to discuss various issues in a transparent manner.


Lungu…I cannot meet you through a summon. However, I am ready to meet you at a public television station show to discuss various issues regarding democracy in Zambia…don’t think that you are a god, we will put you in your position because you are growing a big head. Zambia is not your country; it’s for every Zambian and our cry is you respect democracy,

said Malema.


The DA Maimane said he would only meet President Lungu to discuss his governance style if the Head of State was ready to condemn the arrest of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and five others over alleged treason.


We can only meet if he (President Lungu) is willing to condemn the recent arrest of HH, reconvene Parliament and uphold the institutions of democracy in Zambia,

tweeted Maimane.


But Nkombo said if it was true that President Lungu had no hand in Hichilema’s arrest, it would not be hard for him to apologise.


What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Mr Lungu must understand that this is a global village and the mistreatment of people always has a strong backlash no matter what time it takes,

Nkombo said.


He urged President Lungu to listen to Maimane and apologise to Hichilema for his arrest and detention.


Mr Lungu has always insisted that he had no hand in the arrest of HH so it is not a hard thing to condemn the arrest of HH since he is the commander-in-chief and the appointing authority of the police Inspector General. However, we believe that the arrest of HH was brewed at State House,

Nkombo said.


He added that it was sad that President Lungu never condemned the deportation of Maimane.


“It is only at the immigration desk where Maimane should have been told of the reasons why he can’t enter Zambia instead of security officers storming the plane and harassing a respected political leader whose party is the second strongest political organ after the ANC,” said Nkombo.

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