Pilato says Lungu deserves better

MUSICIAN Chama Fumba, A.K.A Pilato, says President Edgar Lungu deserves better.




Pilato posted an article on his Facebook page soon after a diplomatic blunder involving the summoning of South African opposition leaders Julius Malema of the EFF and Mmusi Maimane of the Democratic Alliance, saying President Lungu must pick the best for government jobs and not party members who sing the loudest or dance the most during campaigns.


The two leaders, however, rejected the summon and told President Lungu to arrange a proper meeting and that he must first apologize over the arrest and detention of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and others for 126 days.



Malema further said President Lungu was not a god and that he would put him in his place.




The embarrassing responses from Malema and Maimane saw several sympathizers and supporters of the PF taking to social media to express shame over the summoning, saying the Head of State’s handlers made a mistake to publicize the planned meeting.




Below is Pilato’s full article:


There’s a big difference between the loudest Barcelona soccer fan and the skillful Barcelona players. This difference must at all times be understood. It would be a huge mistake for the coach to pick players from the fans just because they were louder during the trainings.

President Lungu has given jobs to a good number of young men and women which in itself is a very good thing. For so many years the youths cried and called for such to happen and it came to pass. Personally i have friends and family that have received jobs as ministers and other things. This move by president Lungu should have been an opportunity for young people to show great youthful ideas to the world.

These youthful ministers, mayors, coucillors, district commissioners, ambassadors, permanent secretaries etc should have been examples of what youths can do once given the power. I am afraid this is yet to happen. President Lungu deserves better.

I think the first step is to reconstruct his team but instead of picking the loudest Lungu fans for key government jobs, he should pick from the skilled players. As long as the President remains with his fans as ministers, ambassadors, advisors etc, he will continue being exposed to ridicule from all corners. Zambia has enough qualified men and women who can help the President deliver development effectively but most of them are not good dancers at campaign rallies so they cannot be given jobs.

Great minds can design world class systems for a better Zambia but they were not good liars during the campaign so they have no chance. This is the cancer that will kill our great country because the dancers have taken jobs from the most intelligent. The most violent have taken up ministerial jobs and this is happening when governance is becoming more sophisticated.

President Lungu constructed his government using ‘campaign material’, that is why everything he is sewing now is designed to defeat or silence the opposition and not to deliver development.

The elections may be gone but the campaign material is still active; that is why 2021 elections are topical today. If the only tool you have in your hands is a hammer, then everything looks like nails to you. The team that wins you an election may not be the best team to deliver the development they promised in dances.

I do not say this to disrespect the President or his government but this is the truth that must be appreciated.

President Lungu must decide to keep his fans in the terraces and allow himself to pick a team of qualified Zambians whilst my uncle ba Davis Mwila and my own mother ba Mumbi Phiri should be serving the party and the “campaign material”. If this is not done, we will have the longest campaign period in the political history of our country. I know this post will be misunderstood by many but that does not bother me that much, this is a genuine concern.
The current happenings cannot be allowed to continue…Meanwhile ifintu nimandetoli yama!

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