What a shame to the presidency!

Emmanuel Mwamba, Kaizar Zulu and other minions of Edgar Lungu ended up embarrassing themselves and their boss by hiring desperate elements, giving them Patriotic Front regalia to demonstrate and defend “Lungu’s good leadership style”.





It actually backfired on them because other protestors mocked them and told them to go back to Zambia where they support dictators. And it is not surprising Edgar didn’t find any problem with that.






They should be ashamed that they can demonstrate in a foreign country – South Africa – but cannot allow anyone to do the same here in Zambia. They couldn’t even allow Mmusi Maimane to visit Hakainde Hichilema in prison or attend his court case. They returned him at the airport.





Why is Edgar tolerating this behaviour whose net effect is to demean the Zambian presidency? Kenneth Kaunda took the Zambian presidency to very high heights; Edgar has brought it down to very low levels. This just confirms that there is, indeed, a dictatorship in Zambia that cannot take criticism on anything and anywhere. This is also a clear demonstration of the insecurity and vulnerability of Edgar and his regime. They say to share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. Those who have their feet on the ground don’t jump around desperately every time they are criticised. Winston Churchill said, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Moderate strength is shown in desperate reactions like these, supreme strength is shown in levity.



The most dangerous people in this country are not the tiny minority instigating evil acts, but those who do the silly acts for them. Today we have many people who have offered themselves or accepted to work for tyranny and suppress Zambians who are resisting dictatorship, tyranny and abuse. So in other words, many Zambians have been hired or have hired themselves out to suppress fellow citizens on behalf of the dictatorship for a paycheck, government contracts, opportunities to steal or receive bribes. To act without a conscience, but for a paycheck, makes anyone a dangerous animal. The devil, the dictator would be powerless if he couldn’t entice people to do his work. So as long as money continues to seduce the hungry, the hopeless, the broken, the greedy, and the needy, there will always be tyranny, dictatorship and abuse. It is said that the problem is politics is made a sport, almost as much a sport as football. When it comes to politics, adults and politicians do more finger-pointing and play more games than children ever do. Too often, are we rooting for the pride of a team rather than the good of the nation.




They want us to be afraid. They want us to be afraid of leaving our homes. Their aim is to make us fear life itself. They want us to hate. They want us to hate the other. They want us to practice intolerance, aggression and perfect antagonism. Their aim is to divide us all. They want us to be inhuman. They want us to throw out our kindness. They want us to bury our love and burn our hope. Their aim is to take all our light so that they can loot in ‘peace’. They think their brutal police will defeat us. They are so ignorant they don’t understand where we are coming from. They are so ignorant they don’t understand that when they cut one, the other also bleeds. They are so ignorant they don’t understand that we will never be afraid, we will never hate and we will never be silent for life is ours. True heroes don’t fall. They only encounter temporary setbacks as they forge ahead towards progress.




And as Benjamin Franklin said, “Those disputing, contradicting, and confuting people are generally unfortunate in their affairs. They get victory, sometimes, but they never get goodwill, which would be of more use to them.”

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