PF are charlatans – FDD

FDD says PF are not Christians but Charlatans and political hoodlums using power to suppress, oppress, steal and loot from the very people that God has given them stewardship over.





Party spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has stated that what happened yesterday when armed police, some on horses and others with dogs and teargas, surrounded Lusaka’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross to stop people from going into the church to pray and thank God for the release of Hakainde Hichilema and others, was sacrilege and a stain on the conscience of all those who claim that “ours is a Christian nation”.




He wondered how a leadership that had been calling for unity and reconciliation through prayer and fasting among the nationals could be the first one to use guns and teargas to stop God’s children from praising and lifting His name for what He had done.





“These are not leaders. These are not Christians. They are Charlatans, shenanigans and political hoodlums, who use power to suppress, oppress and steal and loot from the very people that God has given them stewardship over. It’s an abomination,”

Mwanza stated.

“We know that the police’s action can only be justified under the archaic and draconian Article 31 because there is no law in this country, not even the Public Order Act, that states that you need police notification or permission from the so called Minister of UnReligious Affairs for anyone to hold prayer meetings, so how in God’s name did the police move in to stop God’s children from worshiping and praising His name?”



He wondered how dialogue, unity and reconciliation could be achieved if people could not even be allowed to pray.




“My simple word to our rulers is that God sleeps not. Woe to you who use power to scatter and oppress His children. Your days have been numbered and your kingdom has been divided,” stated Mwanza.




Lusaka Province police commissioner Nelson Phiri yesterday summoned the convener of the thanksgiving service Kangwa Chileshe and interrogated him over the meeting because according to him, he did not obtain police permission and consent of the Minister of Religious Affairs Reverend Godfridah Sumaili.




Later, the police commissioner phoned pastor Chileshe and informed him that Rev Sumaili had overruled his decision to stop the prayers.




The thanksgiving prayers over the release of Hichilema and others who were incarcerated for treason would be held on a date yet to be announced.

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