Wife reports chief Liteta to police for alleged assault


CHIEF Liteta’s wife Prisca has reported the traditional leader to police for allegedly assaulting her. This is according to a Chibombo Police report dated August 26, 2017.

According to the report, based on a medical report issued on August 24 by Constable Kanyumbwe, Prisca Malembeka, 45, of Kampekete village, a business lady of Chibombo, reported that her husband, Charles Mulando, of Liteta palace, assaulted her for allegedly stealing K5,900 from him.

“The complainant in the case of assault (GBV) sustained a cut on the face and complains of general body pains. This occurred on Thursday 24/08/17 at around 19:00 hours at Kampekete village,” reads the report. “The stool (wooden) was alleged to have been used to inflict the injuries. GBV assistance requested.”

Chief Liteta was impeached in June for alleged violence and careless distribution of land but obtained an injunction.

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