American clothing line signs $5,000 endorsement deal with Kazembe

TENNIS champion Edgar Kazembe has signed a $5,000 annual deal package with American clothing line Ess Bee Sport. According to the deal, the Zambian player will receive tennis kits worth up to $5,000 every year from Ess Bee Sport. Newly elected Zambia Tennis Association president Wane Msiska said during the signing of the deal at Hotel Intercontinental that the endorsement was a positive move especially that the player had brought a lot of glory to the nation.
“Kazembe has carried the national flag very highly and we as ZTA are proud to be associated with Ess Bee Sport in improving the sport in Zambia. If an American company can come on board, I am sure the local companies here can definitely do even much more for tennis,”
said Msiska.
 Ess Bee Sports representative Sydney Bwalya said his company was attracted to Kazembe’s good sportsmanship.
“His record speaks for itself; he is a role model and a lot of kids are looking up to him,”
said Bwalya.
Kazembe’s manager Gibson Phiri said the deal was timely and a big boost to the player who had been invited in the Democratic Republic of Congo alongside other top African players to mentor and play in an exhibition match in Lubumbashi this weekend.
Kazembe has since received the first package containing tennis racquets shoes, clothing and equipment from Ess Bee Sport as part of the contract deal.

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