No one should be prevented from going to church – Mambo


BISHOP John Mambo says a Church is a hospital for all sicknesses in Zambia and that no one should be prevented from going there to worship. And Bishop Mambo says Lusaka Province commissioner of police Nelson Phiri will as well need prayers when he loses his job.

Last week on Thursday, police officers barricaded the Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka to block thanksgiving prayers for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, citing non-adherence to the public order Act.

Commissioner Phiri then summoned for interrogations City of Refuge pastor, Chileshe Kangwa, the main convener of the event. The prayers, however, are scheduled to take place today at 14:00 hours at the same venue.

Speaking during Muvi TV’s The Assignment programme on Sunday evening, Bishop Mambo pointed out that if indeed Zambia was a country that feared God and respected the rule of law, its politicians needed to learn that “a house of worship is a house of worship”.

“You cannot give God a bouncing cheque! We are in big trouble as a country [because] we have a covenant with God and anything that we do, the wrath that comes our way, we called it ourselves in our Constitutional preamble [by stating that Zambia is a Christian country.]” Bishop Mambo said.

“A Church is a hospital of all sicknesses. Now, you are talking about mandatory testing [for] HIV…We go to Church because we are short of the glory of the Lord. You go to Church in order to confess but when you stop us from going there, even if you test us for HIV, all of us will die! The hospital for the people of Zambia is the Church. In some countries, if you run into a Church you cannot even be arrested. But of late, I don’t know where to go to; I go to the bar, [you’ll say] I’m a drunkard, I go to Church…”

He stressed that it was amiss for the police to bar the Church event, as though the prayers were to be exclusive to Hichilema’s release from prison.

“The conveners of that prayer meeting would have extended prayers to other prisoners and not just rejoice over the release of HH. That day we should have prayed that prisons should be ‘homes’ where people can go and reform [from]. Yes, HH is out but how about those who are [still] in prison? We would have extended prayers to them! Of course, I was not part of the programme but we would have extended prayers to them,” explained Bishop Mambo.

“I have respect for commissioner Phiri. But for him to use the public order Act…When he is in trouble and out of that uniform, he will need prayers.”

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