Ndola’s Kapalala market burns to ashes

KAPALALA market in Masala township of Kabushi constituency has been burnt to ashes destroying merchandise belonging to hundreds of marketeers.

The fire is suspected to have started around 01:00 hours today.

Over 3,000 stands have been destroyed and the cause of fire is yet to be established.

And Kabushi member of parliament Bowman Lusambo has expressed regret at the burning of the market.

“It is with a deep sense of concern that I announce that almost the entire Masala Kapalala Market in Masala Township, Skyways Ward in Kabushi Constituency has burnt to ashes destroying merchandise belonging to hundreds of marketeers who depend on this market for their livelihoods,”

Lusambo, who is Copperbelt minister, said.

“Information gathered so far indicates that the fire started around 01:00 Hours. The cause of the fire has not yet been identified and the fire since been put out by a brave team of fire fighters with the help of the local people. I would have visited the scene this morning but I am away in Lusaka attending to Cabinet duties but I wish to assure my people that I will visit the scene later today and empathise with the victims of this devastation.”

He said the local leadership will continue to work with the Police and other law enforcement agencies to effectively respond to the tragedy.

“To the victims, I know that the fire has taken a lot, but it will never take our humanity,” said Lusambo.

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