PF wants Mutati out

PATRIOTIC Front secretary general Davies Mwila says MMD members who are serving in the ruling PF government must choose which party they will solely serve between PF and the MMD.

Speaking when Eastern Province PF provincial vice chairman Edwin Phiri delivered a petition to the party secretariat in Lusaka today demanding the immediate dismissal of MMD’s Felix Mutati as finance minister on grounds that he was not loyal to the PF, Mwila said Mutati and other opposition political party members serving in PF must choose between PF and MMD.

He said the PF central Committee would soon sit to critically analyse the petition and decide Mutati’s fate to keep the PF moving.

“Eastern Province is our bedroom, so colleagues, on behalf of the Central Committee, I want to thank you for coming; whatever goes up must come down. Uwisa kuya aya tefyo (a visitor comes and goes, right?) So ngabaletulufyanya kuya, ngabalefwaya umutende bafwile baleka chi MMD, elo nomba twalabomba bwino tefyo? So kusalapo, PF nangu MMD, tefyo? Kusalapo chinga, chimo (If they are wronging us they must go, if they want peace, they must stop being MMD, then we shall work properly together, isn’t it? So they must choose, PF or MMD, they must choose one of the two),” Mwila said.

He said he would deliver the petition from Eastern Province on Mutati to President Edgar Lungu who was the appointing authority to decide whether the finance minister should be maintained or not.

“I want to repeat and I want to make it very clear that all those who don’t want to be loyal to the President and the party Patriotic Front must leave. All those who are working with President Edgar Lungu in government, we expect total loyalty, failure to be loyal to the party and the government, we have to separate. For the petition that you have brought to the secretariat, we are going to take it to the appointing authority so that he can decide and on top of that, we are going to present this petition to the central committee because they have to know what is going on. If MMD officials are undermining us, we have to come up with a decision. So I want to assure you colleagues who have come from Eastern Province that today, before the President leave for Swaziland, I am taking this petition to him,” Mwila said.
“President Edgar Lungu and PF don’t have time to waste, our time now is to develop this country and we expect harmony and unity in government and the party. So colleagues I want to assure you that the President and the party, they are with you, continue working hard, be united, we are coming back to Eastern Province again to check on what is happening because Eastern Province is one of our strongholds and we don’t want anyone to tamper with Eastern Province. Eastern Province committee members who are here, the district officials from Eastern Province, I want to welcome you to Lusaka. PF is a political party on its own and it shall remain as such. We have President Edgar Lungu as our party president and Republican President.”

He said those refusing to be loyal to President Lungu and the PF were free to leave the party.

“But all those who are working with the President have to be loyal to the party and the President of this country,” said Mwila.

And speaking before he presented the petition to Mwila, Phiri accused Mutati of using government resources to advance the functions of the MMD in order to challenge President Lungu in 2021.

“On behalf of the Patriotic Front in Eastern Province, we would like to commend you our Republican President for the humble and democratic leadership that is demonstrated through your inclusive government. However, it has come to our attention that one of those who are beneficiaries of your inclusive government are stubbing you behind your back and that person is the finance minister, honourable Felix Mutati. Many of the tours our finance minister has been undertaking within the country, instead of faithfully serving the Zambian people and showing allegiance to the appointing leaders, alas, he is using proceeds to advance his personal agenda in order to revamp the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and challenge your good leadership in 2021,” alleged Phiri.

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