Don’t waste your days in jail, Nevers advises HH


NEVERS Mumba has urged UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema not to waste the over 100 days he spent in prison for alleged treason but transform them into freedom for all Zambians. In a tribute to Hichilema, Mumba, the MMD president and founder of Victory Ministries International, told Hichilema that all knew that he had not committed any crime.

He titled his tribute “When injustice becomes Permissible”.

“We all knew you had committed no crime. But you were still brutally arrested and thrown into jail. We were all confident that within a few days you would be let free because you had committed no crime. More than 100 days later you were still in jail. More than 100 days later, your dear wife, Mutinta, had no husband at home. More than 100 days later, your dear children had no father at home. More than 100 days later, UPND had no president to command the troops,” Mumba stated.

“127 days later, your captors agreed with what we always believed, that you had committed no crime. The question on our lips is: How could a just God allow such injustice to be perpetuated against an innocent person?”

Mumba, a former Republican vice-president under Levy Mwanawasa’s government, told Hichilema that he was arrested during Easter, a spiritually significant time. He told him that for a week, Jesus was dragged from court to court.

“The law was both compromised and broken in order for the perpetrators to achieve their goal of killing ‘the voice of conscience’ in the person of Jesus Christ. No law is ever respected or obeyed when God temporarily gives power to the oppressors,” Mumba stated.

He stated that God allowed His son, Jesus, to suffer shame because he had a vision, which needed to be realised and “could only be realised through the way of the cross; the way of pain, fear and abandonment”.

“Jesus had to save the world, and he could not do it without the injustice, the betrayals and eventually the death on the cross. God’s focus was not necessarily the pain but the resurrection. He temporarily turned His face away from His own son in order to attain the vision of producing a saviour,”

stated Mumba.

“DONT WASTE THE 127 DAYS: Jesus transformed his suffering into our salvation. I urge you my brother to transform your 127 days into freedom for all Zambians. Jesus achieved this in three sentences: 1. Forgive them Lord…(Luke 23:34). He released and forgave his persecutors and killers. 2. They don’t know what they are doing…(Luke 23:34). He confessed their ignorance. They did not know that through their cruelty, they were fulfilling God’s vision for Christ. What they meant for evil, God turned it for good. Scripture says, ‘Had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord.’ 3. Into your hands, I commit my spirit…(Luke 23:46). He gave himself entirely to God. He surrendered his life to God and concluded that, ‘…not my will but your will be done.’”


Hichilema with five others were arrested on April 11 for alleged treason by a battalion of masked police officers after teargassing his house on the night of April 10.

He and five others were detained at Lilayi Police Training College where access to their lawyers, including supporters and some family members, was restricted until he was, by a court order, moved to Lusaka Central Prison.

The authorities again moved him to Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison. The opposition leader shuttled between Lusaka Central and Mukobeko prisons until his release via a nolle prosequi on August 16. Prior to his release, high ranking personalities, including former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo and Commonwealth secretary general Patricia Scotland visited him in jail. Top Catholic leaders led by Lusaka Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu initiated the process to secure his release from jail.

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