Anti-Mutati protests spread to C/province

ORGANISED PF protests against finance minister Felix Mutati have spread to Central Province, with a horde of party members marching in Kabwe’s central business district calling for the MMD faction leader’s resignation. But Nason Msoni says it is insubordination of the highest order for PF cadres to disgrace a senior Cabinet minister in the manner they were doing to Mutati.

On Friday, PF officials from Eastern, North-Western and Northern provinces staged a protest, demanding the resignation of Mutati. The officials from Eastern Province traveled to Lusaka to present their petition which was received by secretary general Davies Mwila who challenged MMD members serving in the PF government to choose where they wanted to belong.

Mwila said the PF needed people who were loyal to President Edgar Lungu and promised to present the petition to the Head of State. In response to the calls for Mutati’s resignation, President Lungu the same day promised that he would hear their petition to have Mutati resign or dismissed. Yesterday, a horde of PF cadres and officials from Central Province met in Kabwe’s central business district and marched around chanting anti-Mutati slogans.


“We don’t want people with divided loyalty in our party; the best is for him to leave the PF and go and concentrate on his MMD. He must resign immediately,”

said a cadre who only identified himself as Chisenga.

When declaring his support for the PF after being elected to head a faction of the MMD, Mutati indicated that he would continue to lead the former ruling party. He was subsequently appointed finance minister after the August 11 elections by President Lungu, with most PF members praising the Head of State’s choice of the head of the country’s key ministry.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Msoni urged politicians to desist from forging alliances of convenience with “thugs”.

“Political alliances are not formed to service interests of the moment and later dumped unceremoniously. It is insubordination of the highest order for party functionaries to denounce and disgrace a dignified senior Cabinet minister in government in the manner they’re going about. In future it should be prudent and wise for the former ruling party not to forge alliances of convenience with thugs. Always learn to identify and work with citizens who value dignity and respect for others,”

Msoni stated.

He further stated that political elements in the ruling PF, with insatiable political ambition for 2021, have choreographed and hatched a scheme to hound Mutati out of government ahead of the impending International Monetary Fund loan.

“The hullabaloo and organized movement of hired PF cadres marching with placards to hound-out a minister unceremoniously has its genesis in the soon to be made available IMF loan in excess 1.3 billion dollars. It is not about empty jostling for political power and repositioning but theft and diversion of the anticipated funds for personal use. That’s what this thing is all about. Those with insatiable political ambition for 2021 are gleefully anxious to divert that fund to contracts and contractors of interest. So the elements in the regime have choreographed and hatched a scheme to take the minister out of the political equation ahead of the loan disbursement,”

Msoni added.

He stated that it was wicked for people to go round mobilizing “innocent souls” to demonstrate for something they did not even understand.

“The alliance partner has been tragically betrayed by the shameless conduct of their PF colleagues. The question of loyalty does not arise and it’s neither here nor there. The choice at hand is: ‘you must join them and be a bona-fide thief or you should resign’,” stated Msoni.


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