STOP THE ROT… State House shouldn’t be involved in awarding of contracts – Chishimba


SAVIOUR Chishimba says State House should never be involved in the awarding of contracts and has asked Zambians to “stop the rot”.

And Chishimba says Zambia has become a mad man’s playground because of the undeserving leadership the country has.

In an interview, Chishimba said it was disappointing that State House had continued to cut corrupt deals with foreign companies to benefit a few individuals holding power at the expense of the majority suffering citizens.

“Zambia has become a mad man’s playground because we have undeserving leaders. Zambia is clearly like an empty stadium, a stadium that does not have an owner where anyone comes, plays their football and leaves. China comes, plays football and leaves; Lebanon comes, plays football and leaves; and many. Chibansa cheshilu pantu abantu ebotukwete ngentungulushi nibamumpuwelwa (Zambia has become a mad man’s playground because we have undeserving leaders), they have no nationalism at all, not even by one per cent,”

Chishimba said in his comments on Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili who has alleged that State House was involved in every contract that government went into and questioned the massive construction projects being undertaken by President Edgar Lungu and his aides.

He accused State House of becoming a centre of corruption and awarding of dubious contracts for the benefit of a few individuals.

“I have said it before and I want to repeat that State House in Zambia is no longer a symbol of national dignity and pride; State House has been transformed into the centre of corruption and for the award of public contracts. State House na bantu tukwete ku (the people that we have at) State House balikwata filya batila ukupela ichipuba ifisuma konaula (have that which we say that giving a good thing to a fool is being wasteful),”

Chishimba said.

“State House is not supposed to be involved in the awarding of contracts and the entire PF is guilty because those at State House are all PF; they went into government with one sole purpose and that was to empower their pockets and I want to warn them; if they think that they are going to intimidate us with prison cells or prisons, they are mistaken. We are going to stop the rot and this I mean it. So, I want to warn them, if their forefathers never walked naked to liberate this country, my grandmother, Julia Chikamoneka, walked naked to have this country attain its freedom. There is no way my grandfather [and] my grandmother would have walked naked for my freedom, our freedom to end up having people in power dubiously enriching themselves.”

And Chishimba said he was disappointed that President Edgar Lungu and his friends had refused to heed wise advice from stakeholders but had continued globe-trotting at the expense of socio-economic problems the country was facing.

 “If pleasure is given to Edgar Chagwa Lungu, who is busy globe-trotting, if it gives him pleasure to eat meat, then let every Zambian eat. We have been asking him time and again, stop going on some of these unnecessary trips, we have said, those trips you are merrily undertaking are not benefiting those women marketeers, they are not benefiting the suffering youths due to high unemployment levels. Why can’t you stay home and govern this country? Governing a country is not a joke but what we are seeing in this regime are total jokes,”

he said.

Chishimba said the PF had ruined the country because they had done many wrong things.

He said the PF had employed unqualified directors in parastatals, which was “a very sad situation”.

“Wise people divide the wealth of a land. Look at the corruption taking place at the Lusaka City Council! What Zambia needs is a serious audit of all individuals holding public office starting with the President. We need to cleanse this country and we mean business. Great leaders like Kapwepwe told us that if we won’t be careful as a nation, fools shall in future lead us and that is what we are seeing. And what I want to say is that no one should stop citizens from speaking out on injustices happening in the country, do not silence us, this country belongs to us the people of Zambia. This country is an estate and it belongs to all of us. When we speak out, they arrest and lock us up for defamation. These thieves sent criminals, thugs to come and arrest me for speaking out against wrongs and corrupt things they have been doing, they sent thieves with filthy hands, stinking corruption to come and arrest me. Corrupt elements in the PF government arrested me and charged me with defamation without shame. I want to assure you this day that I shall not be quiet over the wrongs you are causing the people of Zambia,” said Chishimba.

“You are busy going on trips and taking those photos (in Swaziland) happily and excited with your entourage without even thinking of the problems you have left us back home. The country has no peace and yet you are smiling and busy posing for pictures without shame. That is how corrupt people behave, they want to take advantage of any small trip outside the country to loot national resources and lie to people that I made this wealth from the international trips I undertook. Zambians are no longer dull, they understand these things and they will prove you wrong very soon.”

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