Zambia 7s win cheers Paratus

PARATUS Zambia says it hopes the Zambia’s 7s win in the  2017 Zambia international tournament will inspire people and allow them to participate in developing the sport further. The Zambia A team emerged winners after beating Zimbabwe in the final held at the Leopard’s Hill Polocrosse Club at the weekend.

The event featured teams from across Southern Africa including Botswana, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. Zambia entered two main teams and a few select teams.

“We are extremely proud that Zambia A won this year’s rugby seven international tournament in Zambia,” said Paratus country manager Marius van Vuuren.

“Since being relaunched this year, we are extremely proud that the Zambia Rugby 7s has been a huge success.  We are certain that our sponsorship will continue to grow our legacy of helping to grow the sport as well as giving people unforgettable rugby experiences.”

He said Zambia’s win was a big step in the right direction, especially considering that the sport is developing.

“We are glad that we are contributing towards the development of the sport. I believe that with the support we are putting in rugby, it will inspire people across the country and allow them to participate in developing it further,” van Vuuren.

“I believe that the more we support rugby, the more it will popularise and people will love it more.”

Paratus has built its business success on teamwork and networking, thus supporting rugby in Zambia is part of the company’s way of promoting the two values that are essential to helping companies grow and unite people. He said the tournament was exciting because it was being hosted in Zambia.

“Paratus is celebrating its seventh anniversary this year in Zambia, so it is only fitting that we give back through supporting Rugby 7s,” said Van Vuuren.

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