Hurricane Irma kills 3 in Florida Keys

DEVASTATING Hurricane Irma has made a landfall in the Florida Keys this morning as powerful winds and rain pummeled the state, leaving at least three people dead and over a million households and businesses without power, local media has reported.

And the National Weather Service says about 100 miles from the Keys in Miami, wind gusts whipped around high-rise buildings at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour (mph).

A strong rain band is expected in the Miami area around now to noon, with gusts potentially up to 100 mph.

Naples, on Florida’s west coast, is bracing to be hit by the storm’s dangerous eye wall, with wind gusts of 75 mph recorded at the Naples Airport.

Officials are warning people to stay indoors and away from windows.
The National Weather Service also warned Florida residents that being in the eye of a hurricane can lead to a false sense of security: “IF winds go calm, you’re in the eye. Stay inside! Winds dramatically shift and will do so violently! STAY INSIDE!”

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