HH, Sumaili contempt case fails to take off again

THE case in which UPND president Hakainde Hichilema wants the court to cite religious affairs minister Godfridah Sumaili for contempt has again failed to take off.

This was due to the absence of Sumaili and her lawyer Lubinda Linyama.
Lusaka senior resident magistrate Ireen Wishimanga adjourned the matter in chambers where the State and Hichilema’s counsel Mulambo Haimbe agreed on when the case should come up.

Linyama was reported to be attending to another matter in the High Court.
On August 23, when the case came up, Linyama told magistrate Wishimanga that Rev Sumaili had an urgent trip and she needed to travel.

He said it was not her intention to disrespect the court by being absent.
The matter comes up on September 23.

Hichilema and others had complained against Rev Sumaili’s statement that the UPND leader pushed President Edgar Lungu against the wall by refusing to accept his presidency.

Rev Sumaili is alleged to have said this in relation to Hichilema’s incarceration after the State accused him of treason.

The UPND leader felt Rev Sumaili’s remarks were prejudicial to his treason case which has since been discontinued via a nolle prosequi.

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