Lungu’s wealth debate heats up

PF Lusaka Province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba says Roan member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili lives in a glass house and should not foolishly throw stones “otherwise very soon it will break”.

Defending President Edgar Lungu from Kambwili’s disclosure that he once lived in Chawama member of parliament Lawrence Sichalwe’s garage for two years, Kamba stated that while Kambwili’s statement was nothing but hogwash, he was deliberately mocking poor Zambians whose harsh realities the PF government was working hard to resolve.

On Friday, Kambwili warned information minister Kampamba Mulenga to stop defending President Lungu’s accumulation of wealth because “she does not know anything about him”. Kampamba, the Kalulushi PF member of parliament, sprung to President Lungu’s defence following Kambwili’s allegation last week that the Head of State was building malls and other properties in Lusaka and challenged him to tell the nation where he got the money in such a short time of his presidency.

She said it was not true that President Lungu went into State House a poor man because he had a life even before that.
Kampamba said President Lungu made his money while in private law practice and that it would be wrong to insinuate that every property he was constructing was being financed by taxpayers’ money.

But Kambwili said it was not true that President Lungu had money before becoming President. The former information minister said Kampamba should stop defending President Lungu because she doesn’t know anything about him.

“Mumwebe Kampamba Mulenga ati nalishiba ba Edgar Lungu ukumucila, bushe alishiba ati balikalapo namu garage? Mumwipushe ati bushe alishiba ati balikalapo namu garage yakwa (Lawrence) Sichalwe? (Tell Kampamba Mulenga that I know Edgar Lungu better than her. Does she know that Edgar Lungu once lived in a garage owned by Lawrence Sichalwe), the chiefs and traditional affairs minister for close to two years? That’s where he used to stay. He was given a ka small room in the garage and that’s where he used to sleep. So it should tell Mulenga Kampamba who President Lungu is. She is also saying that he was a lawyer. Does she know why he stopped practicing as a lawyer? He stole client’s money and it is in public domain. Why should you defend someone who used to squander client’s money?”

Kambwili asked.


“Someone who used to steal client’s money and you give him an open cheque for the whole country, can he spare the money? So Mulenga should just continue changing men because that is the business she knows better. She should stop talking about things she does not understand because she is just showing us her stupidity. If she wants, she should go to Chawama and see where President Lungu used to sleep. We know that he had a ka bar called Edgars and a house in Chawama. If you look at the house today, you can’t believe that that’s where a lawyer used to stay. If you live in glass houses, don’t throw stones. I don’t live in a glass house because I am not corrupt. I have left government with clean record. They tried to say that I am corrupt but they have failed to find evidence. Do you think I would have been left alone like this by President Lungu who hates me so much? I would have been in prison right now.”

But Kamba, in statement yesterday, stated that politics of insulting the Head of State in the hope of accruing political fortunes were long gone.
He stated that Zambians must be wondering what Kambwili really stood for.

“In his effort to attack His Excellency President Edgar Lungu, Kambwili claimed that the Head of State lived in a garage where vehicles are repaired. While Kambwili’s statement is nothing but hogwash, he was deliberately mocking poor Zambians whose harsh realities the PF government is working hard to resolve,” Kamba stated.

“If Kambwili’s twisted thinking is anything to go by, even the Lord Jesus Christ was not going to be the saviour of the world considering [that] He was born in a manger or kraal (ichitele cha ng’ombe). Such thinking as Kambwili is projecting is not only sick but unimaginable for someone who considers himself as being presidential material. In Kambwili’s neckless head, those coming from poor backgrounds cannot and should not acquire wealth through hard work and sacrifice. In Kambwili’s neckless head, someone from Chawama cannot and must not become President of Zambia. In Kambwili’s neckless head, majority Zambians who are poor can never build a house or more.”

He stated that Kambwili knew that it was not President Lungu who built mansions on a Golf Course, neither was it the Head of State who would get contracts, get paid and not deliver.

“As others have noted before, whenever Kambwili opens his mouth, he puts his foot into it. This is always the case when a ‘Jelly fish’s brain’ is trapped in a big body. His lack of shame and short memory is difficult to explain,”

Kamba stated.

“If Kambwili wants to practice personalised politics, maybe he can start by telling his audience why he walks the way he does. Those interested to know will listen to his personal testimony while the rest of us focus on development projects such as the Lusaka-Ndola Dual-carriage way.”

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