Monday 11/09/2017

Competence of our police officers

Dear Editor,

I have been following the Chilanga MP Mr Keith Mukata’s court case in relation to a shooting incident in which his guard sadly lost his life (MHSRIP) as reported by The Mast Online.

In the hearing of 9 September, I was dumbfounded as to how the supposed police forensic officer was submitting. I am no expert but I have some appreciation of the fact that an expert is an authority who ought to render a firm position. The officer spoke of a reddish substance where the body was, He also spoke of suspected bullet holes saying the death occurred on 6 May but that they examined the body on 19 May adding that following the autopsy, the body had suspected wounds.

From the above, questions of competency of our police officers. I presume the Zambia Police officer concerned is an authority on the matter. So how then is he speculating in court four months after the matter? To date, they have not established if it was human blood at the scene. They could also not differentiate a bullet hole from just any other hole. They could also not establish for sure whether the deceased had gunshot wounds, notwithstanding the long-time period between his death to his body being inspected.

The police need to get serious with their investigations and their work in general. Next thing we’ll have another nolle prosequi. We are watching your conduct and we’ll soon start legally challenging your cases.




Kambwili’s corruption 

allegations against Lungu


Dear editor,

The damning corruption allegations against the President of Zambia by former information minister and chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili  are the worst ever leveled again a reigning President of Zambia. Actually, they are worse than those against Federick Chiluba in the ZAMTROP saga! The alleged accumulation of wealth by President Lungu in this very short period of time is indeed mind-boggling. The fact that there’s absolutely no serious response to those allegations does not sit well for the President, the Patriotic Front and the government. As per legal parlance; silence may not mean guilt but unfortunately that’s the general perception of the majority of Zambians out there. After all, the PF spokesperson didn’t deny the allegations other than issuing threats against Chishimba Kambwili. Even Dr Savior Chishimba’s recent allegations coupled with pictures of the said properties that are linked to the President went unanswered. The PF government tried to scare Chishimba by arresting him but miserably failed to prosecute him. Fearing the revelations that would be made in court made the government develop cold feet. Who doesn’t know that if PF had a solid case, they would have made sure that Chishimba remained in their dirty cells to rot! This was not to be.

Where are all the PF big mouths to defend the President? Where is Amos Chanda, the indefatigable State House spokesperson.

PF hotheads are all conspicuously quiet over the matter save for Sunday Chanda who is threatening that Kambwili will be sorry for revealing these hitherto well kept  ‘secrets’ by the big wigs: “Kambwili will be dealt with severely and will cry like a baby”! Does this amount to credible denial of the allegations? This is the lowest I have ever heard in terms of defence of the serious nature of theft and looting allegations.

This is irreparably damaging; it would easily bring down any government in the democratically civilised world. Kambwili is not an ordinary person. He was an insider and has many sympathisers within. He has a treasure trove of information regarding who is who in terms of CORRUPTION within the PF government. He sounds passionately genuine in his allegations and no one has challenged him so far except for the PF’s signature threats by Sunday Chanda who does not seem able to engage in intelligent debate.

As long as the government does not conclusively deal with the very grave allegations levelled against the President, we the people, will conclude that we have thieves for leaders and appropriate remedial measures must be taken against these people sooner than later. We have a sacred duty to hold our leaders accountable for the wrongs they commit against the country and the people! There will be casualties in the process for sure; but that’s the price to be paid in order to rid ourselves of greedy and thankless politicians.

Alfred Chioza



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