You will be bruised, Lusambo warns Kambwili for questioning Lungu’s wealth

MMD Die Hard coordinator Bowman Lusambo, now Kabushi PF member of parliament, has warned Chishimba Kambwili that he will be bruised if he continues questioning President Edgar Lungu’s accumulation of wealth.

Kambwili, the Roan PF member of parliament who was dismissed from government last November for allegedly harboring presidential ambitions, has heightened debate on President Lungu’s wealth, from one who not so long ago lived in Chawama member of parliament Lawrence Sichalwe’s garage to one who is carrying out major constructions around Lusaka.

Kambwili, who was a few months ago expelled from the PF but has contested the decision in court, has challenged the Head of State to tell Zambians where he has gotten the money to even build malls in Lilayi and Petauke, including housing units.

When chief government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga attempted to explain the Head of State’s wealth by saying he made his money in private law practice and never went to State House poor, Kambwili disclosed that President Lungu lived in a garage for close to two years.

He also said the Head of State’s law practicing licence was suspended by LAZ for squandering a client’s money and wondered how a rich person could do such things.

Kambwili further warned Kampamba not to defend things she did not know.

And yesterday, Lusaka Province PF youth chairman Kennedy Kamba also defended President Lungu’s wealth, saying Kambwili lives in a glass house and should not foolishly throw stones “otherwise very soon it will break”.

He stated that while Kambwili’s statement alluding that President Lungu lived in Sichalwe’s garage in Chawama was nothing but hogwash, he was deliberately mocking poor Zambians whose harsh realities the PF government was working hard to resolve.

“In his effort to attack His Excellency President Edgar Lungu, Kambwili claimed that the Head of State lived in a garage where vehicles are repaired. While Kambwili’s statement is nothing but hogwash, he was deliberately mocking poor Zambians whose harsh realities the PF government is working hard to resolve,” stated Kamba.

“If Kambwili’s twisted thinking is anything to go by, even the Lord Jesus Christ was not going to be the saviour of the world considering [that] He was born in a manger or kraal (ichitele cha ng’ombe). Such thinking as Kambwili is projecting is not only sick but unimaginable for someone who considers himself as being presidential material. In Kambwili’s neckless head, those coming from poor backgrounds cannot and should not acquire wealth through hard work and sacrifice. In Kambwili’s neckless head, someone from Chawama cannot and must not become President of Zambia. In Kambwili’s neckless head, majority Zambians who are poor can never build a house or more.”

And today, Lusambo, the Copperbelt Province minister, stated on his Facebook page that Zambians are not interested in knowing where President Edgar Lungu lived before entering State House.

He warned that Kambwili’s punch for punch politics against President Lungu would leave him bruised.

Lusambo stated that it was unfortunate that Kambwili had chosen a path of aggressive politics in addressing some “national issues”.

“The statement from Hon. Kambwili that he will now engage in punch for punch politics against President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the Great Leader of this great nation, is laughable,” he stated in his posting.

“The truth remains that Hon. Kambwili cannot match up to the political credentials of President Lungu. A punch for punch political fight between President Lungu and Hon. Kambwili will be a mismatch. It is like Floyd Mayweather fighting Connor McGregor. The entire nation knows who will be the ultimate winner. It will be a technical knockout with Hon. Kambwili on the floor. I wish to warn Hon. Kambwili that continuing on this path will only leave him politically bruised. He should forthwith desist from attacking President Lungu as a person and as holder of the highest office in the land.”

Lusambo claimed Zambians were not interested in knowing where President Lungu lived before entering State House.

He stated that what the majority Zambians were interested in was to ensure that the current leadership improved the quality of life for all.

“Hon. Kambwili should be reminded that discussing President Lungu’s pre-State House lifestyle now will not translate into better livelihoods for the people of Roan Constituency,” Lusambo stated.
“President Lungu is busy transforming the fortunes of this great nation and he will not be side-tracked by irresponsible politicians like Hon. Kambwili. Just last week, President Lungu was launching the construction of the dual carriageway on the Great North Road.”

He also stated that in the last few months, President Lungu had on several occasions launched mega projects on the Copperbelt, which he claimed had put Kambwili’s utterances of under development to shame.

“No matter how lucid Hon. Kambwili wishes to be against President Lungu, the people of Zambia know that President Lungu was a prominent lawyer at a well-established law firm in Lusaka and represented many Zambians and institutions who can today attest to his exceptional law practice,”

claimed Lusambo, adding that on the current path, Kambwili was becoming useless to Zambia’s development discourse and he needs to take a hard look at his life before he becomes obsolete.

“Every right-thinking Zambian knows that successfully completing an LLB degree at the University of Zambia and further obtaining a law practice licence from ZIALE is not the same as stripping railway slippers off the railway line between Ndola and Luanshya, commonly known as scrap. I know Hon. Kambwili very well and I challenge him to appear with me on any radio or television talk show to discuss developmental projects scored under President Lungu. Failure to accept this invitation will leave me with no choice but to disclose details of Hon. Kambwili’s activities that border on criminal misconduct which I believe will warrant criminal prosecution.”

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