ZNFU welcomes govt’s planned intervention in maize pricing

ZNFU says it welcomes the government’s announcement that it will intervene in the pricing of maize which was placed at K60 per 50 kilogram bag.

The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) had rejected the price announced by the Food Reserve Agency and advised farmers countrywide not to sell their produce to the state agency because K60 per bag was way below the market price.

The union further accused the FRA of swindling farmers by refusing to listen to pleas that the price be adjusted to compensate the high input costs incurred by the farmers.

FRA, however, threatened to sue ZNFU for defamation over its accusations that it was swindling farmers by offering a ridiculously low price for a crop that was produced at a very high cost.

The government has since announced that it would look into the pricing of the maize and consider an upward adjustment that would satisfy the farmers.

“The Zambia National Farmers Union welcomes the stance by Government to consider revisiting the pricing of maize of K60 by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA). The intervention comes at the time just when farmers needed it. We reaffirm as farmers to play our part for the country to realise the dream of making agriculture the mainstay of the economy and being the food basket of the region,” stated ZNFU president Jervis Zimba. “We look forward to the intervention, which as farmers gives us fresh hope of making investments that will help us grow the country’s agriculture. Agriculture remains the most realistic pathway of lifting the majority of Zambians out of poverty.”


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