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EASTERN Province Rainbow youth chairperson Emmanuel Nyau has urged Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili to continue revealing the theft going on in President Edgar Lungu’s government.

Nyoni, in an interview, said President Lungu’s regime was not worth the leadership of the country.

He said the PF government was corrupt and urged Kambwili to reveal more so that people could know what was going to make informed decisions in the 2021 general elections.

“Lungu is a leader who doesn’t listen to his friends because when Kambwili was still in PF, he warned the president against giving high positions to the opposition for fear of destroying them but Lungu never listened and it’s the same things Kambwili is saying even now. We can also say there is no genuine leadership quality in PF.  PF has no one who can lead this country productively, that is why even the Minister of Finance was taken from the opposition MMD because they failed to find one in PF,”

Nyau said.

He said corruption was at its peak under the current regime.

“Us in rainbow we say PF government is a government that has got no justice, it’s a government that is full of corruption and I can appeal to Chishimba Kambwili to continue revealing more corrupt practices within PF so that Zambians should open their eyes and make informed decisions in 2021,” Nyau said.


He said the wrangles in PF were also affecting the country’s development.

“The Bible states that a divided kingdom does not stand strong; that means the patriotic front leaders are divided such that there are a lot of fights that indicate that the PF government is corrupt and cannot continue to lead us. Look, a lot of roads have not been worked on since 2011 and this year’s budget had indicated some roads which up to now even bush clearing has not been done and where the money went is not known,”

Nyau said.


He further expressed worry and shame at the high poverty levels among rural households.

“Currently under PF government, it’s a battle, it’s a challenge for a villager to find a K10. Here in rural areas, people are unable to buy a bunch on rape, to buy soap, to educate their children, leading to low performances in academic work by our children and hunger is another vice that has traumatised Zambian people. Poverty has risen in our nation than the poverty that the PF government found in 2011,” Nyau said.

He said the original members of the PF and its leader Michael Sata had good intentions for the nation and “they had started so well until death robbed one visionary leader leaving visionless leaders”.

“Sata and his genuine PF friends tried to work on things but when the new PF came and waged a war with the original members, then things became so bad because real visionary PF members are chased away, leaving newcomers and strangers,”

Nyau said.

He said under the new PF leadership, freedom of the press had been suppressed where anyone who seemed to talk against them became a victim.

“There is no freedom of speech under PF, democracy has been suppressed because a person who speaks the truth and seeks justice is not needed. They chased Kambwili because he was telling them the truth and they don’t want that truth. Freedom has been killed. Even now, we are at risk because even as we are talking, we can be arrested without an offence. All they want is to intimidate us the opposition and suppress your rights as reporters,”

Nyau said.

And on President Lungu’s accumulation of wealth within two years of his presidency, Nyau said the Head of State should tell the nation where he had gotten a lot of money than waiting for the removal of his immunity to make him account for his time in office.

“It is in the best interest of Zambians for him to explain to us the wealth issue surrounding him and his ministers,” Nyau said.

And Nyau said he was astonished and surprised at the massive developments taking place in Petauke than Chipata which was a city. He wondered how Sata’s promise to build a university in Katete was changed to upgrade Petauke boarding into a university.

“This smells corruption. We were told by Sata that a university in eastern will be in Katete, but there is information saying that university will be in Petauke where Petauke boarding will be turned into a university. How and when did things change? We are also told that Petauke hospital will be turned into a college where certain skills will be acquired. My question is: what is so special about Petauke than Chipata which is a city? All these raise the dust of corruption somewhere,”

said Nyau who further said as things stood in the nation,

“even if general elections were called today, PF will automatically lose unless they rig the elections because people are annoyed with them for lying during campaigns”.

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