Some church leaders fuelling tension in Zambia – Sensele

FORMER Livingstone district commissioner Paul Sensele says some Church leaders have been fuelling tension in the country because of taking political sides on critical issues affecting the nation.

In an interview, Sensele said the National Day of Prayer and Fasting held annually on October 18 would be meaningless this year if the church does not set the pace for reconciliation between UPND’s leader Hakainde Hichilema and President Edgar Lungu.

“We should not pretend that pastors and priests are united in Zambia, they are not; they are full of divergent views with regards peace and unity in the country. Every time they speak, they take a political sides. We have some inclined to the opposition and others inclining to the PF leadership. In simple terms, the church is fuelling the tension in the country as they have failed to take the lead in guiding politicians on the divisions that seem to be getting wider as each day goes by,” Sensele said.

He said if there was to be a true National Day of Prayer, dialogue needed to take place before October 18.

Sensele said this year’s independence day will be Zambia’s worst if no dialogue took place between Hichilema and President Lungu.

“The church is definitely not speaking one language; they are now speaking like politicians. If they want a peaceful Zambia that is united, the church must help us take a holistic approach to dialogue especially between HH and President Lungu. We should not have Christians that are divided in a Christian nation. Jesus did not allow divisions and he will not allow the church to be a conduit for anarchy just because some priests or pastors want to serve their selfish interests,”

said Sensele.

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