Laura Miti’s ACA organises protest against fire tenders

ALLIANCE for Community Action has notified Lusaka Police Commissioner Nelson Phiri of its intentions to protest against the government’s acquisition of 42 fire tenders at a cost of $42 million.

In a letter to Phiri dated September 20, ACA executive director Laura Miti stated that the intended protest was scheduled for next Friday, September 29, to coincide with the presentation of the 2018 national budget as a way of showing displeasure over the PF government’s mismanagement of public resources.

“The Alliance for Community Action (ACA) is a Non-Governmental Organisation whose main purpose is to advocate for the prudent and accountable use of public resources in Zambia. In particular, the ACA aims to work with other civil society organizations and speak up about public resource management as it is linked to service delivery,” Miti stated. “In line with our objective and in line with the Public Order Act 113 of the Laws of Zambia, the ACA wishes to notify your office of our intention to hold a peaceful procession and demonstration at the Parliament of Zambia. We notify your office because we have been sent from Lusaka Central Police to Chelston police with all these stations saying notification should not come to them. We are hoping that your office will receive the notification.”

She assured the police of a peaceful protest that would not disturb the proceedings of the budget presentation.

“The purpose of this peaceful demonstration is to raise citizen concern on the procedure and cost of the 42 fire trucks recently bought by the Ministry of Local Government and Housing and public resource
mismanagement generally. In accordance with the law, we wish to hold this demonstration on Friday, 29th September from14:00 hours to 16:00 hours. This is the day the national budget will be presented by the Minister of Finance and we feel it is an appropriate day to raise our concern on public resource management in the country,” stated Miti.
“The procession will take the form of members of civil society and ordinary citizens peacefully holding placards on the side of the road leading up to Parliament. We would like to assure you that the members of parliament proceeding to the House will not in any way be disturbed. We look forward to the police service facilitating this Constitutional citizen right and duty to raise their concerns to those that govern the country.”

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