Dambisa braves criticism for ‘challenging’ Iris

IN what netizens have described as “a stupidity contest”, singer Dambisa on Monday attempted to outshine Iris Kaingu by re-posting a picture of herself in a revealing swimsuit. Dambisa posted a picture in a striking pose on Facebook that drew sharp criticism from her followers.

The post attracted over 300 comments and likes in just an hour, with most people deriding the singer for parading what they called “her nudity”.

A couple of years ago, Dambisa posted a half-naked picture of herself while pregnant, drawing a lot of criticism from netizens who felt the act was way beyond the country’s cultural values.

“I dare to be me …I dare to be free…I dare not to care about minds that are there own …I dare to be Dambisa baby,” stated Dambisa on the post.

After her followers’ crude comments, Dambisa decided to delete the negative ones and only left those that were either complimenting her or singing her praises, with a message “Got no time answering people just delete and block.”

The few that supported Dambisa said she had a sexy body and wondered whether she would be allowed to paint herself in the ‘Iris fashion’, in reference to the widely-panned pictures of the latter in body paint.

Kaila Fredrick: I saw this coming…lol.

Chanda Kidd-Moss Mulenga: So this photo or the rich daughter’s animal painting, which one is better?

Ahmed Mussa Simz: Can I come and paint you too just like our social media queen IK?

Recently, Dambisa accompanied Iris to a press briefing at Best Western Plus Hotel in Lusaka where the latter attempted to explain her nude body painting.

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