Monday 25/09/2017

Youths and jobs

Dear editor,
We the youths who voted for the PF are in real pain. Zambia has no jobs, the youth empowerment loans are highly corrupt and if you have some luck, it will take more than a year to be processed. The only option left is to start selling imichopo even if we have degrees.
GBM was right when he said “It will be 5 years of poverty, ba Lungu nga bapita”.
We are suffering because we thought PF was a listening organisation.
We have learnt it the hard way that the people in the PF are just concerned with self-enrichment amassing vast amounts of wealth within their short stay in power.
Suffering youth



Dear Mast helpline,
I lost my fiancée last year in a car accident and it was really hard for me to move on especially that we had a son together. His best friend has been really there for us and  helped me during this trying time. I don’t know what I would have done without him. He also gets along very well with my son. He recently told me that he knows that I am still grieving but he has feelings for me and would want to take care of us for the rest of his life. I want to but I don’t know how people will look at us.

Dear Fiancée,
Sorry about your loss. It’s understandable that your late fiance’s friend should show concern and care for you. You should seriously consider whether this is what you really want for your life and whether you are ready for a new relationship. It would certainly raise a few eyebrows if you decide to go ahead now, but it’s your decision at the end of the day and what makes you happy. You should also realise that you don’t live for other people


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