An alternative party to PF not yet born, claims Mwila

WE’RE on firm ground to assert that PF’s alternative is not yet born, claims party secretary general
Davies Mwila.

And Mwila has charged that the opposition in Zambia has degenerated into a congregation of armchair critics.

Expelled PF member of the central committee Mwenya Musenge has formed his own party, the National Democratic Congress.

The Copperbelt domiciled party was issued with a registration certificate last week.

In a statement issued through PF media director Sunday Chanda today, clearly in reaction to the newly formed NDC party, Mwila challenged PF competitors to take the party on based on its policies.

He stated that it was not good for any democracy when the opposition degenerated into ‘an armchair critics congregation’.


“Can the opposition go beyond mere opposition to include offering viable alternatives and options? Sadly, the current opposition is not convincing. We are on firm ground to assert that PF’s alternative is not yet born. Zambians can continue to have confidence in the PF and President Lungu,”

Mwila stated.


He stated that the PF manifesto 2016-2021 was premised on the understanding that Zambia was a land with promise, purpose and destiny.


“In line with this realisation, PF under the leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, launched the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP) for the period 2017 to 2021 aimed at accelerating development efforts towards Vision 2030 without leaving any Zambian behind. PF remains committed to creating a better life for all Zambians without exception,” Mwila stated.

He observed that there was great interface between the PF manifesto and the 7NDP, demonstrating why and what PF under President Lungu aimed to achieve as a long-term objective.

“This objective will be realised through focusing on: a diversified and export-oriented agriculture sector; a diversified and export oriented mining sector; a diversified tourism sector; improved energy production and distribution for the sustainable development; improved access to domestic, regional and international markets; improved transport systems and infrastructure; improved water resources development and management; enhanced information and communication technology; enhanced decent job opportunities in the economy; and enhanced research and development,”

Mwila stated.

“PF is committed to ensuring that its vision for economic diversification is attained through value addition and industrialisation anchored on agriculture, mining and tourism. PF believes these sectors have high growth potential, comparative and competitive advantages as well as potential for poverty reduction among our people.”

He stated that PF knew where Zambia was coming from, where it was and where it must be.
“Our focus over the next four years is to work hard while critics do what they know best. PF has promised to listen to criticism, especially when it comes with alternatives. What PF does not have luxury for, however, is the unproductive politicking aimed at suffocating the much-desired development for our people,” Mwila stated. “We are committed now as always that at the end of this term of office, we shall present to the Zambian people the results of our hard work as promised in our election manifesto 2016-2021. We are aware that mega projects such as the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway, New Copperbelt International Airport and many others are causing sleepless nights for an opposition not given to issue-based politics.”

He urged all those that might have left the PF and were thinking of re-joining the ruling party to consider doing so, claiming that it had remained Zambia’s number one party of choice.

“PF is the boat, the open church where majority of Zambians belong. To those who left, there is still room in the boat for all. It’s only traitors who have no room in PF’s grand vision to create a better Zambia and better lives for all,” stated Mwila.

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  1. romanos cholwe

    September 27, 2017 at 10:12 am

    PF is a party full of thugs, thieves and corruption for anyone to celebrate and nothing to show what the country has benefited from it apart from acquiring huge amounts of loans

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