KCM says no jobs will be lost in contractor outsourcing

KONKOLA Copper Mine has assured that no jobs will be lost as a consequence of outsourcing contractors.
In a statement, Konkola Copper Mines general manager corporate affairs Eugene Chungu stated that the operation had been in consultations with the Ministries of labour and mines, the local area members of parliament and the National Union of Miners and Allied Workers on the contractor outsourcing matter for some time now.

Chungu stated that the parties concluded that KCM would proceed to outsource contractors for the benefit of improving productivity at the company.

“Although employees would be under the management supervision of specialised contractors, they would continue to remain KCM employees. Therefore, there will be no job losses as a consequence of outsourcing and all employees would continue to enjoy full KCM conditions of service,”

Chungu stated.
He dismissed reports that KCM had seconded over 1,000 employees to contractors, saying no such move had taken place.

“KCM remains committed to working with all the stakeholders, including government, labour unions and all employees in ensuring sustained security of employment,”

stated Chungu.

Earlier in the day, mineworkers unions held a joint media briefing where they expressed displeasure with KCM’s going ahead to outssource contractors and outplace workers to the same contractors. When the intentions were made known to workers, the three unions in the mining sector vehemently opposed the move with mines minister Christopher Yaluma then urging KCM not go ahead with the exercise.

“The unions would like to respond to the plans by Konkola Copper Mines PLC to outsource its operations and outplace its employees to contractors as announced in a management brief dated 9th August 2017,”

MUZ president Nkole Chishimba said.
“The above briefing indicated that these plans were discussed between the Vedanta chairman and the Republican President.”

He said the unions had rejected KCM’s plans and advised that the way forward in revamping KCM to achieve the targeted 400,000 tonnes of copper per annum and extend the mines’ lifespan by 50 years, was to recapitalise the mine, buy new equipment, spares and materials and motivate the current workforce.

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