TIME IS NOW…let’s mobilise and vote out criminals in 2021, Kabimba urges Zambians

WYNTER Kabimba says nobody will liberate Zambians from the poverty they are suffering except themselves by voting out the PF in the 2021 general elections. And Kabimba, the Rainbow Party general secretary, says while there is widespread corruption in Zambia today, it is startling that President Edgar Lungu “is the only man in Jerusalem who doesn’t know that Christ has risen”.

“I can’t do it alone with my colleagues in the Rainbow Party! We need your voice and support. Get yourselves mobilised and wait for 2021 and throw these criminals out of government – they are criminals because they are stealing from you; they don’t care about your welfare. No government is elected to steal from its people. You can change this situation yourself; stop being intimidated. Stop addressing these chaps as ‘honourable’ because there is nobody who is honourable who is a thief! How can you lemekeza (respect) somebody who is a thief?”

Kabimba, a former justice minister in Michael Sata’s administration, said during the Oxygen of Democracy programme on Prime TV on Monday night. On the government’s acquisition of 42 fire engines at a cost of US$42 million, the opposition leader stressed that the matter ought to be probed.

“If you remember, the President said ‘this is a matter that must be probed.’ Very well! Because for me I actually thought that he was a suspect; I held Edgar Lungu as a suspect in this deal. But since the man has come out clean and says ‘I’m not part of it; I’m telling the law enforcement agencies to investigate this matter…’ So, as Rainbow Party, we said let’s then find who the culprits are because this is scandalous,”

he said.

“So, instead of us engaging in recrimination, we don’t want to get into that situation…we shall seek judicial review so that we can get a writ of mandamus to order ZPPA to do what we have demanded.”

Kabimba further observed that the problem now with establishing the truth behind the hazy procurement of the fire tenders was that “everybody is abdicating responsibility to give that explanation”.

“But I can tell you that this matter will not be put to rest without getting to the truth of it. This transaction is tainted with corruption and that’s why nobody is coming out among those in authority…I’m not talking about those who are trying to assume authority, which they don’t have. What country is this where all you are known for is as a contractor for building houses but when there is a tender to buy aeroplanes, you have a company that can buy aeroplanes? When there is a tender to change a man into a woman, you have a company that can get into that business? What country is this?”

Kabimba wondered.

He said while everybody in Zambia knew that the country was overwhelmed with systemic corruption, it was shocking that President Lungu was insisting on ignorance of the vice.

“There is rampant corruption around and it’s only Edgar who doesn’t see it, surprisingly! The man who has all the machinery of the State at hand says to us ‘give me information about any of my ministers engaged in corruption and if the information is credible, I’ll act on it.’ So, he is the only man in Jerusalem who doesn’t know that Christ has risen. If you ask marketeers pa Luburma market apa ati ‘kodi muno mudziko mulibe corruption?’ (Is there corruption in this country?) They answer you ati ilimo (it’s there) because they see it. I can speak from experience that no government job gives you wealth because it is a people’s job. Even if you were to make money, you can’t make so much money in one year; it’s very difficult to make money, mwana. This is the only country where people gain wealth like in kalabi (folktale). But this is not kalabi but it’s about hard work. This is the only country where people get to have something good without sweating. But the good part is that they never live to enjoy that wealth. I know of nobody in Zambia and Africa in general that has been corrupt to the hilt and they lived to enjoy that corruption…” Kabimba said.

Meanwhile, Kabimba described the threatened state of public emergency as an abuse of power.

The threatened state of public emergency was proclaimed by President Lungu on July 5 and consequently endorsed by Parliament on July 11, purportedly to curtail arson in selected parts of the country.

“It has achieved nothing other than the President, the Vice-President and Cabinet ministers alarming this country. This threatened state of emergency is coming to an end in a week’s time, on October 11 and it can’t be renewed. Nobody has been convicted in 90 days of any offence relating to a threatened state of emergency. What does that mean? It means that they were abusing power. This is a clear case of abuse of power and nothing else!”

said Kabimba, a lawyer by profession.

“Let me speak to my fellow Zambians: look, this country belongs to everybody, the rich and the poor. But more so, the poor that are in the majority. Those of our colleagues that are patronising PF are not doing themselves a favour because poverty does not discriminate against anybody. We have more corruption now than we had under the MMD!”

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