Mumbwa resident sues army, ZNS commanders over land

A RESIDENT of Mumbwa has sued Zambia Army commander Lieutenant General Paul Mihova and Zambia National Service Commander Lieutenant General Nathan Mulenga have been sued for illegally obtaining a piece of land in Mumbwa district.

According to a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Nzoona Munkwangu Shimaponda-Mataa stated that she was the registered owner and a holder of a certificate for subdivision ‘G’ of Farm No. 156a in Mumbwa.

Shimaponda-Mataa also cited the Attorney General as well as major general Topply Lubaya, a Colonel Mwewa and Jean Mbunga.

The plaintiff stated that on February 13, 2013, she saw an advertisement in the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper where the Commissioner of Lands was asking to show cause why a certificate of re-entry should not be entered on the said land.

She submitted that she responded to the advertisement through a letter explaining that the development of the land had been hampered by the fact that ZNS claimed the same land and that at one time she visited the land, she was detained for trespass.

Shimaponda-Mataa claimed that  she did not receive a response from the Commissioner of Lands and that later this year, she engaged Malambo and Company to follow up the issues.

“The lawyers did engage the Commissioner of Lands with the result of an inspection report being launched and provided by Mumbwa Town Council. It was through the said report that it came to the plaintiff’s knowledge that the land had been subdivided and offered to the 2,3,4,5, and 6 defendants,” read the claim in part.

Shimaponda-Mataa is claiming general damages for the loss of use of the land and also wants an order and a declaration that she is the owner of the land.

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