Doctor testifies in murder case against Matero mother

PUBLIC analyst Dr Francis Sumbukeni has testified in the Lusaka High Court that he found a deadly substance called dichlorvos in the three samples he analysed from the substance that three children of Matero took, resulting in the death of two. Dr Simbukeni said this in a case where Mirriam Mulenga of Matero is charged with the murder of her two children who died after she allegedly made them drink Doom insecticide.

Testifying in the case before High Court judge-in-charge Getrude Chawatama, the doctor said he conducted the analysis on three samples he received from the forensic department.

Dr Sumbukeni said he analysed the samples for toxology and they yielded the same results.
“The substances were pesticides known as dichlorvos. This substance could cause death,” he said.
Dr Sumbukeni said there was a possibility of one dying and the other surviving when the same substance was taken. He added that toxology was also dependent on the concentration adding that the younger the subject, the higher the concentration.

“If the same concentration is given to younger and older, the distribution in the younger person will be higher,” said Dr Sumbukeni.
The case has been adjourned to September 29 for continuation of trial. Last week, a 16-year-old girl of Matero Township testified that her aunty  Mulenga told her she had made her three children drink doom.

The girl, who is a niece to the accused, said on the material day around 18:00 hours, she was in the kitchen when Mulenga took the children with her to the bedroom. She said while she was in the kitchen, she heard two of the children calling for help asking her to go and fetch them. The witness said when she went to the bedroom, she found all the three children including Mulenga crying. She said Mulenga then asked her to call her friend Sabrina who was not at her place. The girl said she proceeded to inform Sabrina’s sister who she told but thought she was joking.

She said when she went back to the bedroom, she saw a small bottle of doom and got one of her affected siblings who she took to a shop to drink milk but it was coming out from the nose. The owner of the shop later advised her to stop because nothing was going to happen since the milk was coming out of the nose. She said the father came and took all of them to Chingwere Clinic where two of the affected children Darson and Mwiche died.

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