We’ll stand up for Zambia again and again – Pilato

MUSICIAN Chama Fumba popularly known as Pilato says Zambians will one day ask themselves how they got to a situation where there will be no one to speak for others.

Pilato, who was released from police detention around midnight yesterday after being arrested by police together with Joint Action for Accountability in Zambia pioneer Laura Miti for protesting against the government’s corruption and the purchase of 42 fire tender at $42 million, posted that Zambia was his home and his responsibility, vowing that he would stand up for it “again and again”.

“One day we will ask ourselves, how did we get here? It will be too late because by then our voices will be faint and our ears blocked. We will try to stand up and fight but all those that would have helped us fight will not be there anymore. Then we will ask ourselves, how did we get here? We were released last night. Thank you very much for your prayers and support. Zambia is our home, it is our responsibility. We will stand up for it again and again,”

stated Pilato.

Pilato, Miti, Mika Mwambazi, Sean Tembo, Lewis Mwape,  and Bonwell Mwewa were arrested and charged with disobeying lawful orders after they refused to call off their peaceful protest at Parliament, which coincided with the presentation of the 2018 national budget by finance minister Felix Mutati.

But they were released around midnight on bond, a rare act by the police as most people arrested are never released at night.

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