You’re playing with fire – Mumba

ZAMBIANS just hate corruption so much that Mr Edgar Lungu is playing with fire that will not only finish off his political career but also completely dissolve the Patriotic Front, warns MMD president Nevers Mumba.

The MMD leader has called for a probe into the awarding of contracts, such as the supply of 42 fire tenders and farming inputs to Grandview International.

“The probe must be on almost immediately and we know who the owner of Grandview is; he is a friend of the President. So he needs to be immediately arrested for a lot of things that are being done and yet the President is fully aware and he is part of these processes,” Mumba said. “So he too immediately he leaves office, he is going to join that gentleman in jail because I do not know why he has continued to create an environment in Zambia which [Levy] Mwanawasa and those of us who worked with him fought so hard to remove. He has not condemned corruption, he continues to create an atmosphere where thieves can thrive and those people that are trying to live a straight life they are the ones who are being implicated.”

He said Zambians were yet to know more of what was happening with Grandview and other companies.

“We are very committed, determined to get to the root of this matter. We are meeting as opposition because we think that we need to not only comment on the theft that is taking place but also demand that those that are involved are taken to task and made to pay for the theft that has happened over the past number of months, now years,” Mumba said.

He said the opposition was determined and would not let go of the contracts issue until justice was established.

“We are determined, we will get it done and we will do it on behalf of the Zambian people. How can a company be a master of all trade? Today they are dealing in fire tenders, what do they know about fire tenders? Now they are dealing with fertiliser. Obviously you can see that this is crookedness, it’s theft and we must stop this. Zambians must stop just watching nokulapapa; nabeba balepapafye ‘iyee’ (and getting shocked; people have stolen and they just get shocked). We need to move beyond getting shocked to taking them to task and ensuring that ACC moves in. If they fail to move in, we are going to go to international investigators to help us until these people are brought to book,” Mumba said.

He said Zambians must be encouraged to ensure that any President who gets implicated in corruption never gets re-elected.

He said that was how Rupiah Banda, with a very well run economy, could never win the election.

“…because Zambians just hate corruption, they hate it so much that Mr Lungu is playing with fire that will not only finish off his political career but also to completely dissolve the Patriotic Front because no one is going to look at it again,” said Mumba.

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