Explain your wealth than keeping quiet, Mumbi advises Kampyongo and others

MUMBI Phiri has advised PF members and ministers being accused of corruption to explain their wealth because keeping quiet will make people believe the allegations.

And Phiri says it is only Levy Mwanawasa who managed to fight corruption because he resigned from the MMD when he noticed the wrong things that were going on.

Speaking on Joy FM’s The Platform programme yesterday, Mumbi, the Patriotic Front deputy secretary general, said she needed to speak now to clear herself of the allegations of corruption leveled against her.

“The only person who was genuine over corruption was Levy Mwanawasa because when he saw the rot which was in MMD, he didn’t want to be fired. You know, it is very wrong, even the way I am speaking, and then tomorrow you hear that Mumbi Phiri is fired then I start talking that there is corruption, that is immoral. I need to speak now, if I see anything wrong, if I have integrity I should resign and then talk about corruption otherwise that is why I am encouraging everybody, bamunina, imweh bale lumbula muli corruption, Kampyongo, everybody, please, come and clear yourselves. You know, people like Kampyongo, people don’t know, baleba ati iyo ni kaponya, so muleba ati ifwe twafuma ku kamchanga, pantu twa kulila ku Kamchanga, we cannot be at the helm of this country? Because tuli baku komboni?”

Mumbi wondered.

“What a shame. Kano fye abana ba mu ma yadi? Eh ba fwile ukuba mu leadership? Ba Kambwili ba fumine kumayadi? (They were saying that Kampyongo is a street vendor, so you are saying that us who come from Kamuchanga, us from the compounds cannot be in leadership? Only those from posh areas?) It is very unfortunate. And despising poor people is not right, in that Parliament when I was a parliamentarian, when I looked, there were very few.”

She said keeping quiet over allegations of theft would give Zambians a wrong impression that what was being said was true.

“Others will think it is true and I am glad that you asked me what was presumed said by Kambwili to Weekend Voice newspaper, I am glad that you called me and the way I am responding, it is not bragging but I want to clarify because I am not a thief so if they mention you that you stole, or you built a house and you remain quiet, it is like you are confirming but if you know you are innocent, challenge those who are telling lies,” said Phiri.

“Have you ever heard me come and defend anybody? No. I have come because today I have been mentioned and I know myself, I cannot speak for others umutwe uwamunobe chalo cimbi (your friend’s mind is another world). For the President, I understand he is not like Mumbi Phiri, Mumbi Phiri has no immunity, I can take you Kunda Kunda to the courts of law, there cannot be qualms about it, for the President, what surrounds the Presidency, it is difficult for him to defend himself. Even if his character is assassinated, he cannot take you as a citizen to court. But as for me, if anyone says something which is not true, I have resolved I will take them to court so that they can substantiate what they are talking about. I was talking to honorable Kapata just last night and I told her that ‘I would encourage you honorable Kapata, me I know you, when people want to smear dirt on you, take them on and explain yourself because I know you are not a thief’. I am not married to a kawaya waya. I am married to a professional aeronautic engineer. He worked in the foreign service as a diplomat in his own rights, being paid in dollars outside the country. An aeronautic engineer, not kawaya waya engineer, no! He buys my clothes, he pays for his children’s school fees…so even the salary that I was getting as a diplomat, you can go and check, I can bring a printout from Indo Zambia Bank, they will show you…”

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