Latest on Meanwood murder: Fairview Hospital staff remove projectile from shot baby’s neck

POLICE in Lusaka have disclosed that medical personnel at Fairview Hospital have successfully removed the projectile that was stuck on the neck of the baby shot by its father in Meanwood Ibex area.

Nshinka Kaputu, 34 of Meanwood Ibex last night shot dead his girlfriend, Precious Mangesana, outside his house when the deceased went to pick up their daughter.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed the shooting in a statement saying police were alerted by the victim’s relatives.

“We received a report of murder which happened in Lusaka Province yesterday, 5th October, 2017 at about 20:00 hours in Meanwood ibex hill area in which Nshinka [Kaputu] aged 34 of unknown house number in Meanwood is alleged to have shot dead his girlfriend, Precious [Mangesana] aged 26 of unknown house number, Lusaka West using a Pistol,”

Katongo stated.

“The victim went to the accused person’s residence to pick her daughter aged two years seven months who was at her father’s residence in Meanwood. She sustained a bullet wound on the neck. The scene was visited and a pistol with 10 rounds of ammunition was recovered. The accused person is detained in police custody while the body is lying in UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem.”

She further stated that the projectile which was stuck on the baby’s neck after it was also shot by Kaputo has been extracted by medical personnel at Fairview Hospital.

“We have just established that the baby was also shot in the neck and the projectile was stuck in the neck. It has been extracted by medical personnel at Fairview Hospital,” stated Katongo.

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