Chinese businessman recounts how robbers attacked him at his house

A 36-YEAR-OLD Chipata based Chinese businessman on Friday narrated in the Chipata High Court how four robbers made him lie on the ground, threatened him with knives before robbing him.
This is a matter where Maxwell Phiri, Cornelius Mwanza and Patrick Miti are charged with aggravated robbery.
Testifying in this matter, Cheng Yong Sheng, who is the complainant, said the suspected robbers stole K8,000, US$1,000 and 2,000 Chinese Yuan, two laptops, five cell phones, a TV, home theatre, watches, gold rings, hard discs and clothes.
“On 2nd May 2016, as I was sleeping, I was awaken [sic] by strange noises around 02:00 hours. When I went to check, I found four  people by the kitchen door. They attacked me, they forced me to the ground and put knives against my neck and they told me to give them money. Later they
searched the entire house for close to two hours. After that, they went away with various items,” Sheng said.
He said when the robbers went away, he went to a nearby shop and asked for a mobile phone so that he could call the police.
“Within a short period of time, police came and took some fingerprints and they recorded a statement from me. After a week, police informed me that they have arrested the robbers that attacked me and some of the stolen properties had been recovered. When I went there, I got a box of my plasma TV upon checking serial numbers, I discovered that the TV, which the police recovered was mine,” Sheng said.
He said the TV was recovered from the second accused person, Cornelius, who was his former employee.
Another witness, Mabvuto Mshanga, explained how he bought a home theatre from the first accused person, Maxwell, and third accused, Patrick.
Mshanga said the purported owner of the home theatre was Phiri, who is popularly known as Mac Dada in Mchini compound.
He said after some time, Phiri came with the police and told him that he stole the home theatre, which he sold him.
Mshanga said at the time the police and Phiri went to his house to look for the home theatre, he had already re-sold it.
Two more witnesses testified in this case which is before Lusaka judge Mwamba Chanda, who is conducting sessions in Chipata.

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