I’m sorry, says expelled Chengelo student

EXPELLED Chengelo Secondary School student Jabulani Nhliziyo has apologised to Gawen Powell whom he and his colleague Mwila Hara assaulted last Friday.

In a message posted on the school’s Facebook page today following his expulsion for brutalizing his friend, Jabulani stated that he was sorry for acting out of control.

“It is with utmost remorse that I am writing to apologise for my actions in the video that has been circulating on social media. I am sending my apologies to my friend Gawen Powell, I am sorry for acting out of control, I hope you find it within your heart to forgive me. I am terribly sorry to my parents, family, school, fellow students, friends and everyone who has seen the video and has been coerced into debates alike. I have no right to cause physical pain to another person, what happened with my friend was a disgrace, an act of stupidity which I deeply regret. For those of you who may know me and have grown up with me, you know that I’m not this type of person and I certainly do not have the type of mind-set to do what I did. I have been brought up with values of love and respect which I intend to uphold at all times,”

Jabulani stated.

“I am truly sorry for the actions that I had taken and sorry to my fellow students and every other school in Zambia for seeing such a horrible act. All I am asking for is your help in this very hard time when everyone seems to be against me. I have taken a step to seek professional counselling as part of my healing. It is also my hope and prayer that my friends and others who have directly or indirectly experienced trauma from this incidence seek counseling.”

He stated that he would seek help in every way during this period.

“In the next weeks and months, I will be spending most of my time with my psychotherapist, my family and friends. During this period I will be seeking help in every way possible. I believe God’s grace through Jesus Christ will be my source of strength,” stated Jabulani.

The Chengelo school management last night announced the expulsion of Jabulani and his colleague for brutalizing Powell in the dormitory.

The leakage of the video of the incident raised outrage on social, with some condemning the two boys, their parents and the school management for the behavior while others defended Chengelo, saying it was the responsibility of parents to raise disciplined children.

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