It doesn’t please me to eat lavishly at State House when children are suffering – Esther

FIRST lady Esther Lungu says she loses appetite when she remembers that vulnerable children do not have food.

She said it does not please her to eat lavishly at State House when children are suffering in society.

Esther said this today when she donated and pledged assorted items in excess of K 900,000 to Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital in Ndola.

“It does not please me to be at State House, eat lavishly with my husband yet the children out in society are suffering. I’m here to share what we get from the Esther Lungu Foundation from well wishers,” Esther said.

“Children are the future bedrock of economic and social development, so if they are not healthy and well taken care of today, not only will their future be bleak, but the future of the nation as well.”

Esther said it was gratifying that steady progress had been made in child health in Zambia.

And Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital medical superintendent Jonathan Mwansa said lack of specialised equipment had increased the cost of referral patients to UTH.

Dr Mwansa said the institution was the only children’s hospital on the Copperbelt and had a challenge of bed space.

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