Chibolya drug suspects appear in court

SEVENTEEN Chibolya youths, including the alleged notorious drug pusher Seven Spirits, who were recently arrested for drug related offences following a raid have appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for plea.

Last week, a combined team of officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission and Zambia Police raided Lusaka’s drug den, Chibolya, and arrested 53 people.

Thirty-two of them appeared in court last week and 17 appeared on Monday before different magistrates.

Before magistrate Brian Simachela was Gerald Musalale, who is commonly known as Seven Spirits, and four others jointly charged with three counts of trafficking in cocaine and marijuana.

Musalale pleaded not guilty to both charges while his co-accused admitted the charges.

Before the magistrate walked in, Musalale asked his wife to sit closer to him so that he could see his baby.

While looking at his child, Musalale passed a comment in nyanja saying “ayonda no yonda mwana wanga (my child has become thin)”.

The allegation in the first count is that Musalale and four others on September 28 this year jointly and whilst acting together in Lusaka trafficked in 8.64 grammes of cocaine without lawful authority.

After taking plea in the first count, Musalale started behaving in a funny way, prompting magistrate Simachela to ask if he had a problem but he said he was feeling dizzy and needed to sit down.

The court allowed him to sit.

It is alleged in count two that Musalale and four others on September 28 trafficked in 5.3 grammes of marijuana without lawful authority.

Later, when the third count was read, Musalale helped magistrate Simachela to pronounce the drug diazepam.

The accused denied committing the offence and the court wondered how he knew the correct name of the drug.

“The arresting officer mentioned and showed me the drug. That’s how I know it because I also take it…” responded Musalale who did not finish explaining.

The allegation in the third count  is that the five were found in possession of 0.10 grammes of diazepam, a psychotropic substance without lawful authority.

Others who pleaded guilty said the drugs were meant for smoking while others said they were for medicinal purposes.

The four who admitted the charges will appear for facts on October 16 and trial for Musalale is set for October 23.

Meanwhile, Christine Nyirenda, who appeared before magistrate Mary Chibanga, pleaded not guilty to trafficking 6.1 grammes of cocaine but admitted being in possession of diazepam, saying she wanted to sell it.
The matter comes up on October 11 for facts and sentencing.

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