Don’t fight Kambwili but for our jobs, ex-miners urge Lungu

STOP fighting Chishimba Kambwili; fight for our jobs at Luanshya Copper Mine, ex-miners tell President Edgar Lungu. And the ex-miners have vowed to teach the PF and President Lungu a lesson in Luanshya.

Speaking after a meeting on Monday, ex-miners representative Christopher Mulenga said President Lungu should use the same energy he was using in fighting Kambwili to fight for the ex-miners.

“It is shocking how President Lungu and the PF are so keen to fight honourable Kambwili. Use the same energy to fight for our plight. We are suffering here and you want to kill the voice that speaks for us? Mr Lungu, show leadership and fight for our jobs, which you promised,”

Mulenga said.

“How can the President sink so low to fight an individual using some PF young boys. Mr Lungu needs to focus his energy to fighting for our jobs. He promised a lot and we are still waiting for him to deliver. It is a shame that we have a President who does not care for the people.”

He said the ex-miners would put up a campaign against President Lungu. Mulenga said the PF government had not done anything to change the lives of the ex-miners.

“For now they should forget about us. Why do they have enough time to insult and attack Kambwili when they don’t have time to look at our plight? Today even small boys can stand up and insult honourable Kambwili because they are sponsored! Time will tell,”

said Mulenga.

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